Addendum from May
Fred and Daja met in Dortmund on the dog park near us in Hombruc.
At first the smells were more important to Fred than Daja
That’s why there are more videos than pictures of the two of them.
Both got on well and played around, but also went their own ways.
The gallery and the videos are evidence of this.
Just let them work.

Videos from Daja-Fred Meeting

Daja encourages Fred.

Daja encourages Fred. But if the smells are more important to you, I’ll just go.

Fred encourages Daja; then I’ll give you the cold shoulder for a moment
but not for long.

then we’ll sniff together, then the game.

the meadow is just too interesting when it comes to smells.

now let’s run again

Gallery Daja and Fred Meeting May 2024