06th May 2022

Photos at eight weeks
The submission is approaching, it will be the last round of introductions.
This time the men first, then the women.

Dali with 8 weeks

Dali is a very quiet representative among his siblings who likes to play with the girls.

Denver with 8 weeks

Denver is the observer who only comes into play when
if he deems it necessary.
Curiosity and thirst for knowledge as well as assertiveness characterize him.

Dexter with 8 weeks

Dexter and Dali now have almost the same character,
it is not easy to tell them apart by color.

Diego with 8 weeks

Diego now intervenes more in the events,
he likes to play, especially in the ball pool,
which he also defends at times.

Dino-Loui with 8 weeks

Dino is always happy when he sees his family,
who visits several times a week.

Draik with 8 weeks

Draik is the male counterpart to Dirka.
Cuddly, agile and curious,
he has found his favorite comrade in Daja-Cartney.
Draik is still looking for his family.

Daja with 8 weeks

Daja is our quiet bitch,
she sleeps a lot at the moment, likes to play,
especially with the males – Draik is particularly fond of her.

Danuta-Letty with 8 weeks

Danuta is developing into a great personality.
She will bring a lot of joy to her owners.

Dirka with 8 weeks

Dirka remains our whirlwind,
always the first to come, she knows what she wants.
And has a strong character