the third week is the transition to the imprinting phase of the puppies,
which lasts up to the 10th week.
When it comes to weight, ours take the cake;
all have tripled their birth weight by the end of the 2nd week.
However, as far as opening their eyes is concerned,
they are not ready yet.
Small slits can be seen on a few, shimmering blue.
Don Blau clar has this most clearly.
Let’s see when the next ones will follow.
This week’s theme will be Imprinting on People.
We’ll have to hold the little one often,
to get them used to our smell.
It will certainly be the first acquaintance with toys
– rope, stuffed animal, rag, kong – to be made.
They will also surely leave the whelping box
and perhaps explore the surrounding area.

Wednesday Day 21 30th March

I always call this day the “Tatar Battle”
the first additional feeding in the form of tiny tartare balls
Don Groc and Dona Taranja had a little difficulty
taking in food without sucking,
but as the knot fell, it couldn’t go fast enough.
Everyone ate it and would have liked to have had another helping.
it also came in the form of breast milk.
After that it was quiet for 4 hours.

Monday / Tuesday Day 19/20 28th/29th March

the two days were entirely under the theme Exploring the small world
The puppy box was open and the little ones could explore the room
Some climbed the “Kilimantscharo” (one step up to our living room)
Don blau clar was in charge here while Don Groc secured a cool corner as a cave.
After 1/2 hour – the usual waking time after suckling – almost all of them tried to go back to the den Some managed it on their own, others needed help
You’re slowly starting to notice a certain amount of communication between the siblings –
in the form of licking their mouths, nudging their hind legs or even just touching each other’s heads.

Saturday / Sunday Day 17/18 26th/27th March

The motto of the weekend was babysitting.
Since Mum was taking part in a seminar, loving babysitters spoiled the puppies.
Both sides certainly enjoyed it
as you can see very well.

a great beard to cuddleopen eye picture
Everyone now has their eyes open and I will try
to get nice pictures with heads and open eyes of the puppies in the next few days.
first conscious contactsDon Groc sleeping
first conscious contact between two puppies and Don Groc while sleeping

Friday Tag 16 25th March

a small video of the second running attempts.
Don verd Fosc is doing quite well.
But no wonder, he has the most strength because of his weight.

The first eyes are open; but you can still sleep on your arm.
the first open slitsSleep like a baby with mistress

Thursday Day 15 24th March

The puppies sleep through the night for 3-4 hours.
Jade goes into the whelping box twice more at night to suckle.
They still drink with all their heart,
so that the puppies gain an average of more than 60 grams per day
and we hope that Jade fills up her little ones three weeks,
without us having to feed them.
The waking hours after suckling are now 15-20 minutes,
so that a lively squeaking can often be heard;
sleep in a crowdbetter only for two
whether it is looking for siblings, a better or more comfortable place to sleep
or also to make inquiries the whelping box.
Some have already discovered
that there is a circuit in the whelping box,
on which one can lean well.
Walking on four little legs is also being perfected.