The activity, endurance, inventiveness of the puppies are now almost limitless.
So we are happy to be able to offer you our adventure playground,
but also in the puppy room there are many incentives such as toys,
Shaker boxes, ropes and more on offer.
Shorter racing games and pronounced physical games are increasing.
the interest in moving objects that can be caught increases,
Anxious behavior, insecurity or shyness can suddenly appear,
which in turn affects the development of nerve and brain substance.
Adequate contact with people
(big, old, young, small, with a handicap, with a hat, glasses)
are now vital for a stable self-confidence.
It is of elementary importance that all stimuli for the puppy are to be processed,
can be coped with and not overwhelm them.

Tuesday / Wednesday Day 41 bis 42 18th/19th April

The weather is lovely,
so the puppies are outside a lot.
They welcome children and adult visits,
which took place on both days.
But your radius of action is also getting bigger and bigger,
This is how they manage to climb over the whelping box and get into the living room.
So it’s about time to expand the puppy area in the house too.
We took care of that before we were even born;
it’s just that not all cables are stowed away in a puppy-safe way.
On the adventure playground they discovered the ball pit as a highlight
and they are also becoming more and more secure on the jetty.

Friday bis Monday Tag 37 till 40 15th till 17th April

Over the Easter days there will only be one entry,
but hopefully with lots of pics/videos to give.

Don Verd FoscKoncentration of Dona Violetta
On the arm of humans it can be endured well. Dona Violetta working on the tree trunk with full concentration.

The weather is wonderful, the puppies are outside a lot,
learn more and more, are more agile, nimble and also more playful.
On Friday there was a visit from the puppies and
they could sniff the smell of puppies in small groups of puppies,
because the whole pack is sometimes too big a “swarm”.
On Saturday late afternoon we left with the help of 4 helpers and
went to our dog training ground in Lütgendortmund I.
The collection, carry in the car, take jade,
without a puppy quickly stealing again was already an achievement,
also at the end of the journey, or again on the way home
took a lot of time.
The puppies didn’t seem a bit insecure,
didn’t even trail behind “Mama” all the time,
but also explored lawns, tunnels and other things.
Here, however, several people are needed
to be careful, to dispose of a legacy,
see where everyone is and count
so that no one gets lost.
After we got home they slept peacefully for 2 1/2 hours.
Sunday was then approached a little calmer,
so that the puppies were not exposed to too many stimuli.
The “world trip” on the previous day was already noted to them,
because they slept longer than usual.

Dona Taronja belowActually I'm not allowed to eat don gris grass.
Dona Taronja, who is usually at the top of sibling fights, is different this time. Don Gris likes to eat grass, unfortunately you will notice this the next day.

Everyone has a lot of fun with the cans, bottles and ribbons;
it is pulled, rattled, walked through and examined,
what else you can do with it.
The tunnel is no longer a problem
the wobble board is gladly tackled;
the logs are climbed over, gnawed and
partly defended.

Don Vermell secures the booty under the chairDon Verd clar has fun with the mob toy
Don Vermell secures his prey under the chair while Don Verd clar likes to try out the mob toy

The jetty is slowly approaching them,
here they go but for the time being only help over and
the exit is more of a slide,
while the ascent already works for some.
The seesaw has also been tried.

Don Groc a little dreamy in the puppy roomDona Rosa ponders to herself
Don Groc a little dreamy in the puppy room, Dona Rosa ponders to herself

more impressions of the adventure playground

Thursday, Day 36 14th April 2022

We made different videos
to see the puppies walk and to take a closer look at their gait.
We have had puppy visitors who enjoyed our playground and
tried him out with a few males.
The little rascals obviously had fun because the weather cooperated.
Our little ones, who are a bit snarky, just had to
there were smaller chunks in the soaked porridge,
and this time it was the first time that these were also eaten.
– but it was because they had slept through the night,
Jade had not yet nursed
and they were clearly hungry.
In the late morning it worked much better.
So the puppy food is gradually crushed more coarsely,
soaked and probably just soaked in a few days.
we want outsidewe want outside
We finally want to get out and not wait in the box anymore!!!