29.th April 2022

Photos at seven weeks
At the moment it’s little chumps
who certainly get well over the 5 to 6 kilos,
when they are given away.
We take the alphabetical order again.

Daja-Cartney with 7 weeks

Daja-Cartney is our level-headed, calm bitch,
but nothing can be said
and can also dish out well in sibling games.

Dali with 7 weeks

Dali has a balanced character,
sometimes calm, sometimes curious;
he avoids arguments.
Dali hasn’t found a family yet and is still looking for a nice home.

Danuta-Letty with 7 weeks

Danuta-Letty is the most determined of our ladies.
She doesn’t shy away from a fight, doesn’t let herself be defeated,
is diplomatic and agile.
She has a lot of potential
and is very cuddly at the moment.

Denver with 7 weeks

I can’t say anything conclusive about Denver yet.
He’s the observer, but steps in when he thinks it’s necessary.
He can become a self-confident male.
Here the upbringing and guidance by the owner is required.
Denver hasn’t found its final home yet either.

Dexter with 7 weeks

Dexter has developed very positively.
He knows how to implement something desired at lightning speed
and has become a snuggler.

Diego-Pepe with 7 weeks

Diego-Pepe is still the observer,
but also an arbitrator / or intervener,
Since he is certainly seen with his buddy.

Dino-Loui with 7 weeks

Dino-Loui has already received most of his upbringing from his future owners.
He is a cuddler, can defend himself in sibling fights,
likes to play and is very curious.

Dirka-Destiny with 7 weeks

Dirka-Destiny is our whirlwind,
nimble agile, sometimes very fast when it comes to
to achieve something – she is still the first on the teats.
It’s great to see how she develops.
In terms of weight, it is still the smallest.

Draik with 7 weeks

Draik is the male counterpart to Dirka.
Cuddly, agile and curious,
he has found his favorite comrade in Daja-Cartney.
The future owners will enjoy it.