The puppies still sleep 90% of the day,
but the waking periods are now increasing.
and probably everyone will have their eyes open by the end of the second week.
Let us surprise ourselves.
Certainly it is already certain
that Don Vermell will reach the 1000g mark at the beginning of the second week.
All of them even managed to triple their weight within 12 days.

Wednesday Day 14 23th March

Tomorrow the little ones will be 2 weeks old.
Time flies and you notice the development of the puppies
They are now increasingly trying to get on their feet
and to make first steps;
it’s still a bit bumpy; doesn’t work for everyone.
But you can tell there’s activity in the troupe
Today there was a little garden trip on a vetbed.
The puppies noticed the unfamiliar surroundings;
squeaked in competition, which called Jade into action several times
and she looked after her children.
After a short time they were collected again,
to fall asleep peacefully in her familiar whelping box.

Monday / Tuesday Day 12/13 21th/22th March

On Tuesday there were 2 highlights:
The weather was so wonderful that there was a very short flying visit to the garden.
The protest was so loud,
that Jade came rushing
to get to the bottom of the matter.
Some fell off the pallet and got to know the lawn.
Much to the dismay of the little ones, there was a pink tincture,
that didn’t always end up in the mouth in full.
Some protested really loud
– above all Don Verd fosc and Dona Rosa –
Perhaps there is a character trait here.
the breed warden made the first litter inspection and
wondered about the bundles of joy, how fit they are already
and how balanced and calm .
She has thus noticed the waking and sleeping phase and
and wondered how many are already trying to push themselves up with their little legs.
She was able to start her journey home very satisfied and
we were pleased with the beautiful verdict.

All the remaining seven managed to triple their weight one day later – except for Don blau fosc
but that’s only 20 grams missing and we’ll ignore that.
Meanwhile, Jade only goes to feed her puppies every 3 hours at night,
but they are not all awake and complaining.
In the morning it’s still absolutely quiet
when I come into the puppy room.
But as soon as they sense Jade in their vicinity,
now the noise starts;
it is then a real storm on the teats.
On Monday two puppies managed
to triple their weight within 12 days – a proud achievement.
Slowly they try to push themselves up with their little legs.
You could watch for hours how they try
– even though they are currently only really awake 1/4 hour after meals – .

the darker onesthe lighter ones
the different colors – darker and lighter –
deeply relaxedfirst attempts at lifting
first lifting attempts and deeply relaxed sleep

Sunday Day 11 20th March

Jade suckles her babies very instinctively about every 2 hours,
checks if everything is ok
and stays until the last puppy is full.
She also checks when mistress “borrows” a puppy to cuddle
finds everything ok and
goes either into the cool or into the whelping box.
A nice video that also shows
that the puppies are not squeamish when looking for the best teat.

Friday / Saturday Day 9/10 18th/19th March

As expected, Don Vermell has reached the 1000 gram mark.
In the meantime, the waking phases are a few minutes longer
and you can really see how they are “heat sources”
– be it a sibling, the mother or the human being.
A big highlight – but not for the puppies, but rather for the people –
was the visit of our granddaughters, who have been asking for a long time
When can we finally cuddle?
Both children were beaming from ear to ear
and some puppies just kept sleeping on the lap.
Others would rather be in company
as shown in the attached gallery.
Jade is eating record amounts of food at the moment,
that we sometimes ask, where else does that fit?
abut she also has to produce a lot of milk,
considering how much the puppies gain weight every day.
The little ones are slowly lifting their little legs
and it looks a little more like a swaying gait than a crawling gait.
It’s great to see the development progressing
the little ones are quiet and only then complain –
that, however, very violently, when Jade says, now you must be full –
and leaves the puppy crate.
If the screaming is still too big, she goes back into the whelping box
and gives a second meal


Tuesday Day 8 17. March

the first week flew by.
They all doubled their birth weight a day or two ago
– very different from the C-litter.
There are already favorite sleeping companions
So Don Gris often chooses Dona Rosa as a pillow
Despite Dona Violeta’s lightweight, she’s the one
who defends her teats most fiercely
Jade has found her rhythm –
Every 2 hours she lovingly nurses her gang
and usually stays in the whelping box for a short nap
before heading back to “cooler” realms.
At the moment the sun is shining in the whelping box,
so that everyone is more spread out than together;
where you can hardly count the dogs.

it is warmit is cold
row of puppiesDona Violeta