21th March 2022

here is a comparison – 2 days against 12 days
you can clearly see how the puppies have already changed.

Gentlemen first



Verd Fosc 2 Tage Verd Fosc 12 Tage

our second born Don Verd Fosc


Groc 2 Tage Groc 12 Tage

our third born Don Groc


Blau clar 2 Tage Blau clar 12 Tage

our fourth born Don Blau clar


Vermell 2 Tage Vermell 12 Tage

our fifth born Don Vermell



Verd clar 2 Tage Verd clar 12 Tage

our seventh born Don Verd clar



Gris 2 Tage Gris 12 Tage

our ninth born geborener Don Gris


es folgen die Damen

Rosa 2 Tage Rosa 12 Tage

our sixth born geborene Dona Rosa


Violetta 2 Tage Violetta 12 Tage

our eight born Dona Violetta


Taronja 2 Tage Taronja 12 Tage

our tenth born Dona Taronja


You can already see how the puppies have changed in the ten days.
They will give us much pleasure until they are handed over in mid-May
and hopefully develop well.