Videos from the puppy meeting at the dog training ground on the meadow, on the forecourt or while grooming
All the dogs and the people had a lot of fun, as you can clearly see.

Jade is in the square when the first arrive.
First of all, there is a lot of running, while Jade wants to raise her offspring right away.

Loui arrives in the forecourt.
Jade sniffs him first, but Loui only has eyes for the other buddies

Dibbes and Loui can’t get together fast enough.

the paddling pool is very popular,
it’s always going in and out,
The important thing is that they have fun.

The paddling pool is a hit,
but when they see that Daja goes under the puppy shower,
this is more interesting.

Three males among themselves
Carlos, Dibbes and Sir Henry can romp
it’s a nice game, not too violent,
but energetic.

Loui can hardly wait to come to the dog training area.
Franziska has a hard time holding this bundle of energy.
But then Loui gets going.

After the puppies have let off steam on the pitch,
there was some info for the dog owners
how to deal with the coat change between baby fur and young dog fur.

Carlos endures the brushing heroically.
But it’s not necessary for him,
because he wanted to see his siblings well “styled”.

Two buddies who get along really well
and always want to play,
whether on the pitch or on a leash.

Dibbes and Loui can’t stop playing.
A beautiful picture