Sir Henry’s Parcour

Cynthia leads Sir Henry
Unfamiliar terrain is no problem for Sir Henry
walking on the leash is certainly a frequently used exercise in Cynthia’s courses,
Sir Henry masters the wobble board and seesaw with ease
the sack tunnel was the only piece of equipment that made him a little uncomfortable
while walking around the dog handler, lots of treats were announced.
As with all puppies, when he was retrieved, he couldn’t go fast enough.

Henry often accompanies Cynthia to her training sessions at her groups or courses
he’s in a lot of practice there and you can tell. a beautifully knit team

everyone had a few problems walking around the dog handler because this was not practiced very often either.

I want to see my mistress very quickly, please let me go !!

Easy lief außer Konkurrenz
Easy is Henry’s sidekick and both are now inseparable.
Of course, Easy was also allowed to walk the course and had no problems with anything,
she thought the wobble board and sack tunnel were great
When retrieved, she was in no way inferior to the puppies.

Easy hat Spaß mit ihrem Hundeführer und war mit aller Aufmerksamkeit dabei.

Easy’s retrieval was impeccable.