With the fourth week, the imprinting and socialization phase of the puppy begins.
Now discover, examine, run, jostle,
wrestle in the waking phases announced.
The first toy is accepted and promotes the spirit of discovery
and serves as a playful early encouragement.
The milk canines break through,
so that the puppy can start now,
learn bite inhibition within the siblings and in dealing with the mother.
Our puppies are real bundles of joy when it comes to weight.
They are developing very well and Jade is doing a great job,
how she cares for, feeds and cuddles her puppies.

A poem – forwarded by a friend, I don’t want to withhold:
poem to the litter

Wednesday Day 28 6th April

Our puppies discover something more every day
and try more.
So the hanging CD’s or tapes are now a recognized game utensil.
But most of all they love fighting each other,
which meanwhile can also get loud.
They can both softly cuddle with each other,
than tugging at their little legs while growling.
The feed bank was tried once
but more than 3/4 seconds is not fed,
then other things are more important.

Tuesday Day 27 5th April

The little ones quickly learn to move safely on the Vet-Beds
and slowly even on the floor.
I would love to sit in the dining room all the time,
observe what is now being discovered, how is played,
who is playing with whom and much more.
Unfortunately, washing, preparing food,
daily checks and much more doesn’t happen by itself.
Try to find a good middle ground
and also provide the interested parties with information.
I will not manage to stay up to date every day.

Monday Day 26 04thApril

lie alonebeginning and end of a dog
Sometimes you don’t even recognize the beginning and end of a dog
that can’t be comfortable.

Meanwhile, the little ones have been outside the puppy box for several hours.
They cavort all over the room
but prefer to look for some “caves” or small hiding places
the whelping box can then also be completely empty.
empty puppy crate

Sunday Day 25 03rd April

I had active help for the pictures of the next performance.
They will follow in a few days.

we had visitors for the puppies.
everyone is open-minded and enjoys cuddling.
The visitors helped actively,
to bring another Tatar battle to a good end.
They have already learned to lick more “mannerly”.
First and foremost Dona Violetta, who devoured the beads so quickly,
you didn’t even have to offer them to her;
she took them off the plate.

Saturday Day 24 02nd April

a small statement about the weights of our “brummer”
a comparison to Jade’s first litter is quite appropriate here.
there were also 9 puppies, so a similar litter.
On average, the C puppies had gained an average of 60 – 80 grams per day,
this time it’s more like 80 to 110 grams and you can clearly see that.
They all reached the 2000 gram mark by 3 1/2 weeks,
two even between 2300 and 2400.
Hopefully the weight table will be updated today.
You can see the excellent performance of Jade here,
who still goes to the whelping box every 2 1/2 hours.

Thursday / Friday Day 22/23 31th March / 01st April

We started off with little meatballs to relieve Jade a bit
and start supplementation.
but the puppies have to learn to swallow first.
They get liquid in the form of puppy milk
or very watery quark in small bowls.
In the next few days they will learn
from a bowl alone at first,
later licking with some of the siblings.
Puppy food is pureed, diluted with lots of water
and so the first “solid” food was eaten.

Iren inmitten der MeuteDona Taronja and Don Verd fosc
the first character traits become visible.
We have quiet puppies and bright puppies, enterprising ones and waiting ones,
assertive and withdrawn puppies in a balanced ratio.
The coming weeks will show where we are headed.
It’s a very balanced litter and we’re enjoying it;
could actually constantly observe and watch how they develop.
Dona RosaDona Taronja and Dona Verd fosc
Getting used to people shows
that they like to get close to us,
when we are near; climb on us, lick us
or simply have faith and sleep on in our arms.