8th April 2022

the fourth presentation of our puppies with a good 3 weeks.

first of all the ladies

Pink good 3 weeks

Dona Rosa is a rather quiet representative


Violetta good 3 weeks

our little chaos Dona Violetta


Taronja good 3 weeks

Dona Taronja, the middle of the two


next the gentlemen



Verd Fosc good 3 weeks

Don Verd Fosc is currently a rather quiet representative


Groc good 3 weeks

Don Groc a representative similar to Don Verd Fosc


Blau clar good 3 weeks

Don Blau clar a curious representative


Vermell good 3 weeks

Don Vermell our growler and very good eater



Verd clar good 3 weeks

a little hop into the Don Verd clar field, where the journey is probably going



Gris good 3 weeks

Don Gris with a very loud voice when he feels disturbed


Everyone now walks safely on their feet.