Here is a first presentation in the order of birth
All are still nameless, but they have Catalan names to distinguish them
and as long as there are no pictures,
visitors can guess what is meant.
The corresponding pictures will come in the next 2 days.

the firstborn Don Blau fosc
a lightweight of 270 grams, color goes into the barquillo,
an active little lad born at 5:35.
blau fosc

Number 2 Don verd Fosc
a proud 380 grams, it goes to the arena in color,
a bit macabre at the beginning, a little over an hour later 6:43.
verd Fosc

Number 3 Don groc
Starting weight like his brother Verd Rosc, arena marken,
born at 7:16. Was first to the teats.

number 4 don blue clar,
shares the starting weight with his two brothers,
will barquillo/arena with brands, time 7:43;
starts sucking right away.
blau clar

Number 5 Don vermell
waited an hour to join his brothers.
Time 9:16. He squeaked as soon as he was born.

At the latest now the fear came – it won’t be a pure litter of males ??

Number 6 Dona Rosa
refuted my guess at 9:59
with a weight of 380 grams.
It took her a little while to show herself actively.
She is the first negro el fuego dog

Number 7 Don verd clar
lined up in color with his sister
at 10:34 with a weight of 370 grams.
He was immediately active and squeaked.
Verd clar

Number 8 Dona violeta
the second bitch and currently
the second with little weight at 350 grams.
She is immediately active and squeaks.
In color it will go to the arena. She was born at 11:31 am

Number 9 Don gris
he was in a hurry
to be born at 2:00 p.m.
since we just got back from the vet.
– With a weight of 400 grams in the upper part –
He was also very active.
His coat color will probably be barquillo.

Number 10 Dona taronja ,
so that the two girls are not alone
– a third bitch was born at 14:25
with a weight of 400 grams the heaviest bitch.
She is barquillo with marks.

Monday / Tuesday Day 5/6 14th / 15th March

The puppies are obviously gaining weight.
Our chunk Don Vermell is already scratching the doubling.
They sleep a lot, are relaxed when Jade is in the box.
If she leaves the box for a moment, you can usually hear a lot of nagging,
but this soon dried up and peace returned.
Jade knows instinctively when her babies need food again.
They’re all full and their tummies are full
she is now going to cooler places
be it in front of the whelping box or in the garden on the terrace
or in the hallway on the cool tiles.
The milk production demands so much strength from her,
that she now sleeps soundly while nursing.
She’s still getting her “princess” meals
that will be devoured
in addition, there is puppy food enriched with the brew
of boiled chicken.
this too is a feast for them,
which is usually cleaned up shortly after the “king’s meal”.
Then the bowl is filled again,
that if she’s still hungry,
she can use at any time.

Sunday Day 4 March 13th

Sometimes life is hard
Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to our “Dargo”.
Even his birth weight was significantly lower than that of the others;
but we still hoped and fought.
On the first day he was still very agile
but the days that followed were marked
of lovingly caring for the little one with a dropper and drop by drop of food.
On Saturday he was even able to suckle his teats
Unfortunately, on Sunday things went downhill very quickly within a few hours
and in the evening his strength was unfortunately used up and
We said goodbye to him with a heavy heart.
Fairwell kleiner Bursche

Routine is slowly creeping back in;
what all needs to be done.
The puppies sleep except for the breaks – where drinkable is announced –
I would love to sit in front of the whelping box all day long
and see who likes to lie down with whom;
whether there are already “favorite partners” and
how to find the teats.
I’ll have plenty of opportunity there.

Friday / Saturday day 2 and 3 11./12. March

Jade only leaves the whelping box in extreme emergencies.
You can tell there will be a few buzzers
who win the battle for the teats,
what shows up on the scales.
Don Vermell and Don Verd Fosc should be mentioned here.
There will also be lightweights
who are currently still struggling with their teats
like Don Blau Fosc and Dona Violeta.
They can all squeal, especially when being weighed;
which in turn brings Jade immediately onto the scene.
Then you have to check what’s going on.
On Saturday she went for a tiny lap to the park –
because she doesn’t like doing her big business in the garden.
It was less than 3 minutes before she was back.

Thursday day 1 March 10th

Both Mum and Jade need some rest after two sleepless nights.
Jade is in a good mood, but also dead tired and gets sleep,
even if the puppies suckle.
The puppies weigh an impressive 380 grams on average.
That is 120 grams more than our first bitch Benga also gave birth to a litter of 10.

Wednesday/ Thursday day 0

Here’s a quick look at the hours leading up to birth.
Violetta – owner of Dali, the father of the puppies – and I discussed
When will the big day be?
Jade had such a big belly that we agreed
until the 12th they do not remain in the abdomen.
Wednesday, Thursday is probably the big day.
In the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, Jade was very restless and.
wandered back and forth between whelping box, basket, box and sofa.
The temperature dropped by 1 degree, only the nest building stopped, she was looking for my closeness.
During the day everything was back to normal; so we waited for the night.
During the night from Wednesday to Thursday, the birth then proceeded.
An experienced breeder and friend came and supported me as a midwife.
Many thanks to Angelika, who, like with the C-litter
stood by my side.
At 4.45 the amniotic sac burst.
5.30 the first puppy was there, after an hour puppy number 2 was born.
By 11:30 a.m. 8 puppies were born.
Since there should actually only be 7 puppies,
we went to the vet to check Jade and first assess the puppies.
Jade had another surprise in store for us.
Two puppies were still visible on the x-ray.
An ultrasound also indicated normal heart sounds;
so it went home quickly with a labor-inducing injection.
Within an hour both puppies were born.
It was 2:15 p.m.
Jade must have meant since she was empty last time
she simply delivers two throws in one throw,
so that my mistress is happy.