14th April 2022

the fifth presentation of our puppies with a good 4 weeks.

first of all the ladies

Rosa good 4 weeks

Dona Rosa is becoming a good observer
who has everything under control


Violetta good 4 weeks

our little chaos Dona Violetta is becoming more active and agile
and now you know how to assert yourself


Taronja good 4 weeks

Dona Taronja also comes out of herself


next the gentlemen



Verd Fosc good 4 weeks

Don Verd Fosc follows in Dona Rosa’s footsteps


Groc good 4 weeks

Don Groc an intermediate part to Don Gris and Don Blau clar


Blau clar good 4 weeks

Don Blau clar also takes a big step forward in assertiveness


Vermell good 4 weeks

Don Vermell still our hum,
now also a good observer



Verd clar good 4 weeks

a little hop into the field Don Verd clar becomes significantly more agile
and should definitely be in the hands of athletes



Gris good 4 weeks

Don Gris is now our robber Hotzenplotz with his great rings under his eyes
and a little bully


Our initial assessment is confirmed.
More traits and characters are revealed each week.
a very homogeneous successful litter