21th December 2019

What do we expect in the third week?
So far only Chewbacca has his eyes wide open
everyone else is a little behind.
There are already slits in many of them, two probably don’t dare yet.
Also in the third week, the ears open
and the little ones hear sounds.
This will also be an exciting moment.
Intercommunication starts
Watching this will surely banish us to the litter box for several hours.
Let’s see what can be reported.

Hier is the summary of the third week.

day 20 and 21 (19th and 20th December)

the first meat meal in the form of tiny Tatar balls was literally devoured.
This can be followed under “Tartar Battle”.
The little ones are making incredible progress,
the “Kilimanscharo” or the “Zugspitze” are now more of a “mini” effort.
Calimero even managed to “plop” out of the litter box this morning,
which was increased a little for the night with an extra board.
During the day there is real trampling in front of the whelping box,
playful bellows and climbing on each other delight the visitors in front of the whelping box
and of course from us.
Chanta and CharalJade is suckling outside
Ciwana chillingthe same applies to Chewbacca

On Thursday there was a lot of sun again around noon
and our puppies used it to discover something new on the terrace.
There was a pallet.
Costello started right away,
on the second try he had made it and climbed it.
The others didn’t touch that at the moment.
They wanted to sniff and lick themselves
which happens very often now in the waking phases.
Some even go out of the whelping box for “small business”.
Above all Chewbacca.
Ciwana also seems to have found her family.
Interested parties were there today
and were very impressed by their calm nature.
Both with the male cuddle partner and with the female
she lay completely relaxed in her arms.

ein Ausflug im FreienJade säugt draußen

day 18 and 19 ( 17th and 18. December)

in front of the puppy-boxthe first outdoormeal


Wednesday was bright sunshineand so the puppies sunbathed in the cold.
They were also much more lively than the first timeand explored the terrace;
because of the cold we always brought them back to Vetbed,
even if they wanted to explore the rest of the terrace.
One of our dear babysitters Anja had a lot of fun with the little ones,
which she saw again after a week.
You can see how relaxed Chewbacca and Costello were.

At the moment the weight curve is very irregular,
sometimes a puppy gains 100 g a day,closest only 20g.
The time when the first meat meal is given in the form of tartar balls is approaching.
Jade has a lot of milk, so we’ll see two more dayshow we can “spice up” our “lightweights”.
In the meantime the puppies are a longer period in the “big world”
and explore it very actively.
It’s great to be able to look into everyone’s open eyes now.
For some, the blue shimmer has already disappeared,
I have the impression that Chewbacca is really looking at me.
It is getting harder to get away from the chair in front of the puppy box.
The first real barking already arrived.
They open their mouths to lick each other off
or to put an ear in your mouth.
Colina very trustingThey like sniffing other people's hands

day 15, 16 and 17 (14th till 16th December)

Help !! Where are my siblings ??
Ciwana was still alone in the box, looking for her siblings.
It was not yet comfortable for her to “tumble”.

Everyone’s eyes open this morning
some were even larger slits,
Chewbacca’s eyes are already open.
At lunchtime we had a nice visit from other interested puppies;
they loved Chiwano and Chewbacca
and enjoyed Jade’s balanced character
and her calmness, which she spread.
Since the climbing skills of our runaways have increased rapidly,
We decided,to make the living room “puppy safe” a week earlier.
The family was busy laying the PVC floor,
while Jade and the rattle band slept through the “family work.”

Calimero often needs a 'pillow'Cuni is already sleeping outside the box

The wide world could be visited.
The litter box was opened, vetbeds laid out in the puppy room,
so that the puppies had a grip under their feet
and so some have already explored the “big wide world”.
Ciwana wanted to climb the “Zugspitze” – the way to the living room;
it failed because her legs are not high enough
and also lacks the strength.
Coming down is not a problem
because you can just drop the 8 cm from the puppy box into the puppy room.
Even the 10 cm high barrier cannot be impressed
and Charal, Cosmos and Calimero can just fall off.
The others don’t quite dare yet.
Today was such a sunny weather
that the little ones were put on the terrace in the garden for a few minutes.
Nobody was so comfortable and no excursions were made.

all in a row, you rarely see thatCuni sniffs the 'outside terrain'

The wide world could be visited.
The litter box was opened, vetbeds laid out in the puppy room,
so that the puppies had a grip under their feet
and so some have already explored the “big wide world”.
The game currently consists of licking and examining the sibling.
Jade lovingly cares for her little ones,
make their inspection rounds in the puppy box;
now lies down in such a way that the puppies can get to all their teats.
All puppies have now been introduced by name.
We always enjoy the goings-on and at the moment still quiet chirps from the puppy box.
The day is not long enough for that.

Hard work on the drink barMiss Rosa