in the sixth week we can see
whether we have a good basis for the whistle.
Now the endurance, the ingenuity is almost limitless,
so our puppies will explore the tunnel, a wobble board, a log.
The sense of balance is trained.
The social games with puppies but also people are getting rougher,
what can be used for the expansion of the bite inhibition.
Interest in moving objects is growing.
Let’s see what we can achieve

Our rascals are now 6 weeks old.
Siblings Games and socialization are now very popular.
Food is no longer chopped up, only partially soaked.
The little teeth are very pointed
and that Learning to inhibit biting is one of our main goals.
In the meantime, character traits have developed significantly.
There are no two dogs of the same type.
Everyone is their own personality.


40th to 42th Day (08.01 to 10.01)


Calimero and ChiwanoChewbacca with boddles and streamer

You can see the weeks with the little ones. Rest periods are no longer hours,
but only a maximum of 1 1/2 hours
then the rascals are at 100%.
Not much has happened in the last two days.
Our topic this week is “Noise Background”.
From the sixth week, the puppies are often sensitive to strange noises,
since the ears are now 100% functional.
We also had to find that out.
Was the vacuum cleaner absolutely no problem in the first 4 weeks,
so she has been a bit disturbed by the noise since the 6th week.
So here is our main focus.
New, initially quiet noises, which then increase in volume,
let’s try it.
The vacuum cleaner is used several times a day, but not yet in the puppy room.
The short ones are now mainly in the living room,
and found their favorite corner in front of the balcony door.
Ciwana with a ballCiwana waits, she wants to be at the floor
Unfortunately, they are currently discovering what you can do with magazines;
So an extra sweeping round is announced every evening.
Food bowls, toys, towels, zergel and even the vet bed are carried around
and brought to safety from a sibling if possible.
In terms of weight, everyone has increased enormously;
some scratch the 4000 g limit.
In the meantime, they are really demanding cuddle units,
I don’t know how to save myself in the morning
so I am besieged after opening the puppy box.

Jade is looking at all of her childsCuni is awaiting cuddles

Jade enjoys it when I pass her only one puppy at a time; it is cuddled, cleaned from top to bottom
and the little one is drinking funny on the teats.
In the evening we only go to bed with protest
(Before the puppy box was closed and after 5 minutes there was blissful rest.
It took a lot longer on Thursday
you feel like you are in the old days with small children –
an amusing comparison.

Chanta cuddles with Mom Charal and Calimero


36th to 39th Day (04.01 to 07.01)

At the moment we get a lot of visitors from children – friends, acquaintances with their children or grandchildren.
Our puppies get a lot of hustle and bustle
and also a different background noise.
They are not impressed by it.
The children want to carry the puppies, help them weigh,
help feed and our pack does it all great.
Children / grandchildren will probably not be a problem in the new families either.
But someone looks skepticaldangerous !!

The dusting and loud noises are on the “habituation program” this week.
Some people didn’t like the vacuum cleaner
and we’ll try again tomorrow.
A small seesaw is shown again in the puppy room,
where the puppies can practice their sense of balance.
Some of them just sniffed it first,
others already bravely walked over it,
but there were still two standing on the seesaw,
did not tip over and you simply jumped down
(The seesaw is only 15 cm high).
With a charm in the form of a rope, Calimero even went to the end
and had no problem with tipping.
what are those great smellsCalimero and Cuni in action

The ball pit was built outside
and the little ones had their joy again.
In the end there was at least half the balls in the tent,
the other half spread out in the garden.
However, a larger stump that was brought along was not yet considered,
the meadow was probably still too interesting for that.
A further development can be observed;
they were together in the crowd at the last outside aisles,
so they pushed apart this time,
to discover or look at something of your own.
This is also a sign, they are getting bigger and more independent.
Mom's basket is still the bestCharal on the lap of one of her new family members

Unfortunately the weather is currently too cold,
to go outside.
So we placed the tunnel in the living room
and many have already climbed through
(Unfortunately, they also left little streams
and let’s see
how long we can keep it available (because of the smell).
Sometimes three dared to enter the tunnel –
only from different sides – there was still some space.
Colina and CiwanaChiwano

Cuddle units are very popular at the moment,
as well as examining the socks and pants.
The teeth are now quite pointed
and the training of bite inhibition is of great importance.
Siblings fight and Chewbacca watchCuni and Charal cuddle with a bear both