We are slowly thinking with sadness of the end of our puppy age.
Almost all babies have found a new family
and we are sure
even for Calimero to find “his / her people / family”.
The main topic this week will be learning to inhibit biting,
Socialization among siblings,
Get used to louder noises and much more.
From now on the foundation stone is laid for a playful basic education.
That Naming things
that the puppy is doing (coming, lying, sitting),
lure and name the puppy in certain positions using food,
small tolerance exercises,
as well as corrections when crossing borders.
The first car ride and getting used to the collar and leash begin.
This week will also be very exciting.

Day 43 to 48 ( 11.th to 17.th January )

Then on Friday the weather changed,
so we had just half an hour of dry weather.
The rascals discovered our hallway.
(Mistress left the fool,
just to get something out quickly.)
and Jade has “out of despair before the rush”
saved to the upper floor.
Guess who followed until then?
Calimero and Chiwana, of course, the others howled below.
You know how to help yourself.
Jade would like to put suckling away so slowly,
only the puppies don’t understand that yet,
but have to learn it.
For that she likes to play with one or two,
provided the two do not immediately look for their teats.
It’s a nice picture.

Cuni submissiveCuni lovingly cuddle with mom

Wednesday and Thursday was such nice weather
that was even announced “outside air” twice.
The rascals just had a lot of fun
and enjoyed the hour.
As a change in the meal there was chicken breast with carrots.
The little ones have never eaten the bowl so quickly.
I didn’t have that much success with curd and banana.
the ball pit a great game
Fight for the rope in the ball pit
the rattling boxes are also new
Romp around the tent

The Tuesday.
You can really tell how the fresh air affects the rackers.
You are so tired in the afternoon
that is slept a lot,
so that you can crank it up again in the evening,
Can destroy newspapers to run around the coffee table
or just have fun playing siblings.
The bond between the siblings is enormous,
you just want to be able to watch two of them alone
and “locks” the remaining 7 in the next room for a short moment,
the howl is great from both sides.
The same applies if I treat Jade to a “dwarf” in the evening.
Ciwana enjoyed being able to play with mom
but the other eight mutinied loudly.
Overall, they work out like this
that “going to bed” only takes 10 minutes instead of half an hour.
Colina at the ball bit
Chewbacca wanders through the garden

Monday was all about exploring the outside world.
A new toy has been added
which was immediately accepted by Chanta and Charal.
The game units get bigger and more enduring.
It’s just wonderful
such as Charal defending “her ball pit”
and sweeping around to say Calimero at the other end,
“Hey, that’s mine”,
or Costello took a ball,
three rounds through the garden,
drops the ball and runs again.
Dennis and Cunithe bands from the anorak are far too interesting

On Sunday we started our first try
to bring the car closer to the puppies.
Unfortunately it didn’t work out that way
the howl was great
so that we were home quickly (after 5 minutes)
and will try it several more times in the next week,
if it doesn’t mean stress for them.
3 siblingsCalimero

The highlight on Saturday was probably a “round of walking” (linen training).
Cuni and Ciwana benefited.
Of course there was no talk of going for a walk,
the short ones don’t even know what that is.
You were free to decide where to go.
Both of them maybe ran 1 meter, but then sitting was the order of the day
and they both wondered what that was all about.
Well, then we went back to the usual environment
That look, just cuteCiwana in the ball pit