The countdown is finally announced this week.
By Sunday 5 of our puppies are already in their new home
and they will have fun with their new pack.
We report here beyond the ninth week,
as long as there are still puppies.
The eighth puppy goes to his family on February 8th
and for Calimero we are still looking for his family.
Interested parties are welcome to contact us.
What else is there to report?
Breeding approval is this week.
We will certainly also report on this.
We will certainly also report
where our little rascals are going and
hopefully get a nice farewell photo of everyone
and also tell how they arrived in their new families.

56. day to …. ( January to ….)

We give last cuddle units
let them play with the gifts of their new family members.
The new families are presented on a separate page,
after all puppies have been given.
This will be Saturday, February 8th next week.
Maybe we can already say goodbye to Calimero.
He is still looking for his family
and interested parties are cordially invited
to contact us. (see homepage).

Sunday February
Costello was picked up yesterday morning.
He also arrived home safely
has inspected the apartment and yard and has already accepted it as his new home.
Alternating between inquiring a lot of new things and sleep determined his first day.
Get used to it, little man.

Fryday February:
Tomorrow morning, Costello is traveling,
then it will be very quiet here.
At the end we drove again to a large field with the remaining ones.
Jade and Baika ahead, the others behind.
It was very muddy and there were a lot of “small lakes”
our boys “deathly brave” into it
and got wet feet and wet bellies.
But had a lot of fun running after the big ones,
as well as go exploring yourself
but everything within sight of mistresses,
at the moment she was probably a little more important than the mad ladies.

Thursday February:
Now Chewbacca is in his new home
and has probably inspected everything and cuddles in the evening with mistresses.

Wednesday February:
Our last girl was picked up today.
Cuni Frida also arrived safely at home,
has explored a lot, but also slept a lot.
We will report what the first days were like.

Jade and a boy on observation postmanaged to get everyone out of the tunnel

Tuesday February:
We were late at noon with the rest of the troop,
Jade and Baika in our dog place.
Jade could finally run properly
what she enjoyed on all trains.
Baika also made a little friendship with the puppies.
(So ​​far, she has rather left it behind).
The little ones had an enormous workload,
since they kept trying to follow Jade;
or I put the “Come” on Komannda.
A tunnel on the square has been tried several times.
Likewise, the walls are surrounded.
Everyone had fun
and after half an hour we could start our journey home again.
After that there was absolute rest for 3 hours
they slept almost until evening.

run, run, run,...Chewbacca has fun

Monday 3.rd February:
For those who stayed at home, education is the key
to the final round (at least as far as our share is concerned).
Walks, no longer start,
sit down well until you get a treat,
the dining room table is taboo,
after the meal the “big and small” business is done in the garden,
bring in the COME command
and much more.
They are very eager to learn and often keep it.
(Exceptions prove the rule –
what looking at what’s delicious on the dining room table –
seems to be too exciting.)
But you also have to have a program in front of you,
since two remain with us for 14 days.

Playing with siblings

Since the weekend, Jade has been spending a large part of the day with her children.
She realizes that some are missing
and is back home as quickly as possible with every walk,
to control everything.
Now she is really starting to bring up
and usually no longer tolerates bigger wrangles.
She now plays with joy and perseverance
(as long as they leave their teats alone) with you.

Sunday 2.nd February:
Families visited puppies twice.
Our rascals enjoyed this
played in the garden despite bad weather.
Those interested in Calimero came in the late afternoon
and the family immediately fell in love with him.
Her son immediately had fun with the little ones and went
had no fear of contact at all.
Jade was also greeted with joy, which of course reflected Jade.

Saturday February:
Chanta, our fourth girl, greeted her buddy in their new home.
She grows up with an older Gos d’atura mix.
Both have already made friends and
I was posted a picture
where both sleep peacefully under one chair.
Chanta Caja, with your new buddy for several more years.

Our third lady, formerly Miss Weiss,
in the naming still Ciwana,
now when Ciwana Frieda drove a few kilometers away from us
to their new home in Dortmund-Aplerbeck,
has already heard planes take off
and great fun with Mistress Bärbel and Mister Klaus.
We’ll see you again in a very short time
(To visit, Jade is also allowed).
A great time for you Ciwana Frieda.

this look says everything

Our second little lady leaves us.
Colina traveled to Lankau in the far north.
But first she spends a week in the vacation home
and has owner and owner all to himself.
Make good little mouse Colina Luna.
Cuni is of course the most important thing for Alexa and Alena

to sleep again in front of the balcony door

Now the melancholy is there.
Charal was the first to leave us
has landed very well in her pack,
has already observed and explored everything
and we are waiting for a first photo in the new home.
Have fun and joy with your new family, little Charal Cara.

Try to get as many as possible on the bankat 4 1/2 is unfortunately over

On Tuesday there was an litter control.
Our puppies are all flawless,
according to the breeding officer in excellent condition,
well nourished, complete dentition, all testicles present in the males.
Overall, a very socialized, homogeneous litter.
We can be proud of this litterbreeding.

Charal was allowed to be with mom in the eveningCuddling with mom

Saturday and Sunday were divided into two.
In the morning we were at our tournament in a riding hall as helpers and starters,
In the afternoon a visit was announced and the puppies could sniff children again
and let off steam in the garden,
since the weather god was kind to us.
The owners of Jordi came to visit on Sunday afternoon.

great expressionschillen

We had a very nice afternoon on the lawn in the garden,
with lots of cuddling and lively conversations.
Many thanks to Patricia and Rainer for the nice afternoon,
which the puppies also fully enjoyed
and were very proud of what Jade and Jordi did.

first watch what they're doing

Patricia enjoys the rackets