What’s interesting in week four?
The crawling is completely gone and running looks much safer.
The first teeth come, the eyes have lost their blue shimmer,
the ears open so far, noises can be perceived.
The first games with foreign objects begin.
Inquiries are top priority.
We will also report what is new here.

day 26-28 ( 24th December to 28th December)

At the end of the fourth week, the blue glow in the eyes has disappeared,
Teeth are present in all puppies – albeit in different forms.
Today our “feed bank” was tried out for the first time.
All puppies accepted this with enthusiasm.
Chiwana even claimed a whole bowl
and she didn’t share a bit.
Everyone ate their fill
we just have to plan the rations a little bit better
So that Jade cannot end up devouring a full cup as a “leftover”,
which of course she does with enthusiasm
and asks if there can’t be another lookup.
Unfortunately, there is no video of this premiere today,
that will only be ready in the 5th week.
the food bank
if that’s not chilling ( Chanta )

Our chubby Cuni is no longer a chubby, Chiwano has lapped them by a large margin
and cracked the 2000g mark.
Let’s see how long he “stays ahead”.
We are now switching to crocheted dry puppy food with water,
because feeding is usually necessary in the fourth week,
because the bitch often runs out of milk.
First of all, like yesterday, we tried 3 puppies per bowl
and everyone accepted it well.
Chiwano (Herr Blau); his paws are often in the shell instead of outsideCuni in a great sleeping position

Our granddaughters were there on Christmas Day
and they saw the babies for the first time.
Junika was thrilled and didn’t want to leave the puppy room at all. We were pleased with the accessibility and peace,
with which the puppies reacted to this completely new situation for them.
Junika and a puppytwo males among themselves

The puppies now spend a large part of the day outside the litter box.
Sleep is possible anywhere.
They have also developed into loving “late risers”,
which is very positive;
I can do the longer morning walk with jade
before “cleaning the puppy room”.
Again and again I like to look at the more extensive game the siblings have with each other,
be it animating to the game, growling,
if you want to be left alone
or to bite the playful in the feet / in the mouths.
The puppies are still very balanced and relaxed in all positions.
a pretty picture of Ciwana ( Miss Weiss )Jade only enjoys two at the milk bar

day 22-25 ( 21th December to 25th December)

The experiment with the glass bowls was repeated
but this time only with 3 puppies per bowl
and lo and behold, the result was presentable.
Ciwana, Charal and Costello even licked the empty plate.
Calimero , Chanta and Chiwano need help
and finally left the “half plate”.
The last third in the form of Chewbacca, Colina and Cuni already tasted alone,
ust didn’t have the stamina, it seemed to be work.
They also needed a cloth afterwards,
because feet, mouth and buttocks got in the way every now and then,
to get the meal.
There was another nice walk outside.
the smallest corner is examinedCharal in position
Chanta sniffs the wooden palletsCiwana a little cheeky

Christmas Eve also for the puppies !!
As a special treat there were tartar balls again.
Now everyone smacked their portion down to the last crumb.
The porridge meal in the late afternoon,
was then more of a “mud fight”.
Three plates were distributed in the box or on the vet bed.
It was not eaten so much
rather legs and sometimes whole body parts ended up in the small glass bowls
and Jade had his hands full
to get their kids presentable again.
Mum helped with a warm cloth.
Perhaps you should feed for 2 more days only one by one?

Puppy room no longer unknownCatch mouths
Colina with her siblingsCuni's 
blessed sleep

Almost all puppies have back molars already,
some also the front incisors in front.
Today there were tartar balls again,
that were particularly sought after by Ciwana,
while Cuni exceptionally missed her today.
The laps after the meal are now a little longer
and are now accompanied by barking,
be it as a request or as a displeasure,
because the selected partner doesn’t want to play right now.
Then everyone falls into a comatose sleep.
Miss Rosa=Cunitwo puppies are playing

Today I saw the first teeth at Charal.
Didn’t check everyone yesterday;
but the controlled had no teeth.
Time is running, the puppies are getting livelier and Cuni enjoys
when Dennis picks her up to cuddle with her on the coach.
In the afternoon there was the first semolina porridge
and everyone could lick from the small glass bowl.
Everyone liked it.
Jade is nursing while sittingMister Green=Chewbacca
Miss Yellow=ColinaMiss Rosa=Cuni