The socialization and youth phase has started.
Contact with people is now extremely important.
Action! Discovering, exploring, investigating is the order of the day during the longer awake phases.
We offer the puppies “Zergels”, bottles,
knotted cloth, ball pit, flutter ribbons,
however in a metered form and not all at once.

33. bis 35. Tag (01.01 bis 03.01)


Today was a weighing day again.
Chiwano still holds the top with 2700 g,
but Calimero has outrun Cuni.
This is followed by Costello and Chewbacca with around 2500 g,
then come Ciwana, Chanta and Charal between 2300 and 2400 g. At the bottom of the list is Colina with 2160 g,
but it has gained more than 300 g in the last 3 three weighing days
and so we are on the right track,
Colina was the easiest in the litter.
You notice every day
how to become more independent
and how time flies
and the end of the rearing period is no longer far away;
the more I enjoy these days,
I look forward to a good round of cuddling, cuddling and nice body contact every morning.
The puppies already know the “whistle”
and 7 come running straight
sometimes two don’t know exactly what is going on
and “jerk” after the pack.
How quickly they learned this
and in about a week this chain of whistle = reward is amazing.
a sleeping picture of Calimeroa sleeping picture of Colina

We are slowly wondering
why do we actually have a puppy room?
Our puppies are in the living room almost all the time,
you sleep in Jade’s box
and there it is more than narrow with 9 puppies;
apparently but convenient.
Jade doesn’t mind either, she loves it a lot more,
when two join her and keep her company,
then they get a real wash and cuddle units.
Unfortunately, it is currently too cold for an outside passage.
The first puppy should be brought back in,
before the last one is out.


But we built the balls tent for that
and it was lively here;
sometimes shouting, sometimes a slight growl,
because someone was contested the place;
but almost everyone had fun.
With the bustle, I couldn’t count,
whether everyone has “bathed” once.
living room RunThis is mom's box, but I dare to go inside
a dreamy look
sometimes quite exhausting

Surprisingly, we got visitors,
who were interested in a puppy.
Charal immediately went to the woman
and after a while it was clear
that will be the new dog.
So we only have Calimero to forgive,
who surprised us very much with his urge to explore and his climbing skills.
He is a bright young man with a good dash of temper;
we can well imagine
that he has a sporting future.
Calimero and Charal at siblingsduellCuni ( Miss Rosa )

29. bis 32. Tag (28.12. bis 31.12)

The little ones were outside for ½ hour this time
and already explored the entire fenced area.
The tunnel was still a bit suspicious,
he was pushed and climbed from the outside,
but it didn’t go through yet.
Some sought the warmth on the pallet on the Vet bed.
Calimero took advantage of his discoverers, Gene
and stupidly came across the “fence borders”
and didn’t quite understand yet
why they weren’t Jade.
(Because she just jumped over it).
He cried miserably for a moment.
The New Year’s Eve party all overslept and that,
although our neighbor fired a lot on his property.
But these are brisk looks from Charal and ChiwanoCalimero ( Mister Orange )

Monday was also filled with two visitors families,
where the puppies visibly felt good
and tried pulling on the socks and pinching.
With a friendly “push away” they gave up after a while.
We will try with us in the coming days and certainly for the rest of the time,
to condition the puppies on “whistle, then there are great treats”.
The treats are the puppy porridge, which is currently very popular
and the whistle is a short whistle whistle,
let’s see when everyone comes running when this whistle sounds.
Our son Dennis with the puppiesColina

Today was dedicated to personal hygiene.
Ribbon control and change;
the puppy collars are still too big –
So cut and fold new ribbons again. Claw cutting was back on
since they pretty much track Jade belly
and then Jade eluded the pack relatively quickly.
Only now they are so mobile that it is of little use,
as long as she is in the puppy’s room or living room.
They even climbed into her box after her.
Then she loved two of her, but when there were more that everyone wanted in her box,
we intervened
which led to a clearly audible cry of protest.
Only mom has to be protected.
Dreamer CuniIrresistible look

At the weekend, puppy visits were announced again.
I’m always happy
how friendly Jade greets visitors
and then let them into the puppy room.
Since Jade grows up in the “adult household”,
is she somewhat shy or curious about young children,
it was blown away,
when granddaughters of a good friend announced themselves to cuddle the puppies
and appeared in a group with 4 people.
This size was new to Jade too,
we were all the more delighted with their friendly attitude and greeting towards the children.
This will then also be relaxed during further visits with children.
Chanta and her 'Zergel'
two from a bowl