Now it’s only a good week
until the first puppy comes to his new family.
We are happy for the puppy buyers;
but are sad because the countdown is on for a great time.
The puppies are becoming more and more independent
and now all have their own personalities.
It’s just a great litter
and he gave me a lot of pleasure.
What else is on the program in the last week?
Driving, line handling and other noise work.
Let yourself be surprised.
This time there will be more videos than pictures.
Couldn’t make up my mind, so just upload several.
For this, pictures come later or only sporadically.

Day 49 to 55 ( to January )

we can see how diverse the puppies play.

The days of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
were under the motto “what else is needed for socialization?”
So we still had a visit from a school child,
drove a few cars,
been on a leash in the park
mainly played and learned outside,
how to make a good living.
I can only say that everyone did this in their own way.
Whether Colina is looking around on her jetty, where there is something to play,
whether Cuni and Chewbacca try out, who is the stronger,
whether Charal defends her ball pool again,
whether Costello looks and watches where you are with a game
can bring in
whether Chanta tried out how many would fit through the tunnel,
whether Calimero tries
how high you can climb on the fence with the help of a flower bucket,
whether Ciwana shows Chiwano despite being clearly underweight,
that she can stand on top of it.
They are just wonderful picture moments
that show how happy and content our puppies are.

Again a nice video at the ball pit

Monday we had a quiet day
and continued the walks.
A few really went for walks
and ran up and down the path in the park.
Others just wanted to run or sniff on the meadow;
they “ran” only a few meters,
but had fun.
After 5 minutes the walks are over.
They were carried home in your arms,
really enjoyed this.

The wobble board is very popular,
But here too it must be learned to jump off the board properly.

On Sunday we had another visit from a family with children,
which is very important for the puppies,
that they get to know children of different ages.
The puppies were happy and trusting
and she was very happy that Chiwano came to her on her own.
Also a nice experience for those interested.
Unfortunately, the climbing skills of our racers have increased so much
that they can now climb over the puppy box
and thus the living room is also used as a bedroom.
We no longer need the front barrier.
There were carrots with pasta as a change
and the little ones couldn’t get enough.
The 5000 g limit is cracked by three, increasing very well.
(Here we have to brake a little bit now)
The others gain weight every day, so they will probably be around 5000 g.

Cuni loves balls
they are getting bigger,
from the small fabric ball to the ball pit ball to football

You can’t record that fast
how to change the game units.

Try new things !!

Unfortunately I cannot report anything for Saturday,
because our great “babysitters” Anja and Dennis looked after the puppies all day.
The puppies were outside several times
and it’s easier for two,
to work on the cleanliness of the puppies.
Many have done their “business” outside.
A great success and thanks to the “Sitter”
Iren and I were at the Rally Obedience Championship in Münster at Dog-Live with Baika.

How to start a race lap !!
Do something uninteresting slowly
creep up slowly and then
chase off
Many come after !!!