The puppies are still sleeping 90% a day,
but the waking periods are getting bigger.
and probably everyone will have their eyes open by the end of this week.
Let us surprise ourselves.
It will also be interesting to know who reaches the 1 kilogram mark first.

Here a summary of the second week


day 14

3 tiny eye slits are already visible.
This time the men blue and green, as well as Miss Rosa have the nose ahead.
This is also true with Hern Orange for the weight.
“Our Brocken” are now clearly visible from the crowd.
One should not think how 300g will impact.
But also our latecomers (red, purple and white) are just before the 1000g.
The first climbing arts are visible,
they lift themselves up by the puppy box
and so now the next increase must be made,
to make sure nobody at least “falls out” at night.

day 12 and 13

How much strength the little ones are already using to activate the milk flow.
The legs are properly removed from the teats.


The first puppy interested parties were there.
Jade greeted her kindly and didn’t mind
the two were taken out of the whelping box
and were put in their arms.
Now that the two puppies were used to it,
they went on sleeping peacefully.
The drinking phase could also be observed
and both interested people were happy
how quickly all puppies who were sleeping before
to get to the drinking source.

All puppies got used to the human hand very well.
Some immediately go on sleeping, others first sniff where they are,
to fall into a deep sleep again.
We now need a much larger tub,
to briefly move the puppies out to clean the whelping box.
The almost 300g weight differences are now clearly visible.
3 have reached the magical 1000g;
unfortunately no puppy has eyes open yet;
but this has to happen in the next 2-3 days.
You can sit in front of the whelping box for hours and watch
how some sleep, cuddle up to each other
Jade cares lovingly for Mister OrangeMister Blau

Now you can say that they have a fixed rhythm,
every 2 hours, Jade goes into the whelping box and lies down to suckle.
She then lies down so that all come to their teats well.
While if she only controls and cleans her children,
she usually lies down in such a way that nobody can touch her teats.
The little ones are still sleeping a lot.

Here again two single puppies Miss Red and Mr. Yellow

Miss RedMister Yellow

day 10 and 11


The “guinea pigs” are slowly becoming small dogs.
Meanwhile, more and more try to “run”. It’s funny to watch
how they lift their legs up and walk 1-2 steps with their legs straight.
Then the legs do not want more and it goes on like a robbe.

The first attempt by Miss Weiss,
Jade loving care,
the gentlemen could still be laid in a row,
that did not work out at all with the ladies; What may it be?

first attempt
Jade takes care of her children
Gentlemen squadLadies squad

Slowly it will be little chubby.
It’s just wonderful to watch
how many now try to run with their legs and no longer to crawl.
There are still many failures, but one or the other 2 to 3 step march is already made.
In the puppy box most of the time is quiet, as they still sleep a lot;
almost regularly after about 2 hours begins a miserable “whining”,
which causes Jade to quickly get back to the puppy room
and to lay down to their kids.
A nice picture.

Whether sleep is always comfortable sometimes has to be questioned.

Deep relaxation sleepThat can not be comfortable
in a semicircleMr. Green is sleeping wide-legged

The breed warden was there for the throw sighting
and had only words of praise for our instinct-safe and trusting jade,
as well as the great litter. We are very happy about that.

day 8 and 9

The first week passed by in a flash.
On the ninth day, everyone managed to double their weight
and Miss Weiss is no longer at the bottom.
She overtook Miss Yellow,
but has also caught up a lot after a day’s downtime.
Our “super heavyweight” is still Miss Pink,
Messrs. Blau and Grau do their best to overtake them.
They will probably do it for the next two days.

The gaps between sleeping and drinking increase a little.
But when Mama comes in the box,
is no longer holding.

Claw cutting was on the program on Saturday.
Although Mum uses the sleep phase,
Only the first “claw” could be trimmed (if at all, until they were all cheery).
The remaining 4 (sometimes also 5 claws) were then endured with much shouting,
even Jade came to see what was going on.
But after a good hour everyone was peaceful again and leaned over.
“Claw” (it’s just 2-3 millimeters, but for jade pretty sharp),
when the legs are on the teats and struggle.
Jade already had slightly sore spots on some teats.
She was thankful when Miss massaged the underside of the stomach with a cool cloth.
Jade with her puppiesMiss Rosa
Mister OrangeMister Grey with his brothers and sisters