third week

11th 06. – 17th 06.2010

All puppies tolerated the meatballs well
and couldn’t get enough at lunchtime either
So now it’s time for the porridge.
Meanwhile four have their eyes open:
Branka, Belano, Banu, Basina .
5 puppies have tripled their birth weight:
Banu, Baren, Basina, Bomo and Bangos

The mash battle is also recorded in the gallery.
Some are already climbing out of the box, but they definitely want to stay on a vetbed
Meanwhile three more have their eyes open:
Bungee, Bomo, Baren. Pictures of the third week



The weather is so wonderful that “lying outside” is the order of the day.
the puppies are now getting their first dry food.
Not everyone likes it, and neither Bomo nor Bangos seem to be enjoying it.
All puppies now have their eyes open and tripled her weight.

Since it is a bit exhausting,
to carry out a thorough cleaning of the puppy room after each feed the mash battle takes place outside.
The puppies cuddle up to the family members
and seek proximity to people.
Now everyone is on their feet
and it looks cute when they “march off”.

The weather allows the puppies a good hour having fun outside.
They love to crawl under the vetbeds,
and carefully explore a new surface: the lawn.
The first interested people visited us
and are enthusiastic about the puppies.
Now it’s time to cut your nails again;
it’s not that easy anymore because the little ones are lively.
We then rather wait for the sleep phases in our arms,
then it’s not a problem.