seventh week
09th July – 16th July 2010


The rascals are now 6 weeks old.
Time is racing, you can see from day to day how they are becoming more independent and enterprising.
All game devices are now accepted by everyone.
Because of the heat, they are only used early in the morning and late in the evening.
The hot time of the day is spent on the cool tiles in the living room.
1.80 by 0.8 cm under the table take a rest
and enjoy the coolness.

July 10th
The heat does not leave the little ones without a trace.
From lunchtime to the early evening hours, they can hardly be moved to go outside.
They sleep more and their waking hours are currently only about 20 minutes.
With interested parties, two were able to “enjoy” the leash again.
Benga went with them, so it was no problem for Bangos and Bomo.
Thawed after 7:00 pm then they open it.
Everything was taken apart and raged extensively,
whether in the ball pit or in the sandpit.
They survived the thunderstorm during the night without incident,
they were awake and wanted to join pouring rain and lightning
absolutely in the garden.
We did not fulfill this wish for you
and after 3/4 hour peace returned
and the human parents could sleep again.

July 12th / 13th
With the constant heat, the little ones don’t want to go outside during the day.
Our play units move to the early morning,
here, however, rather quietly so that the neighbors can continue to sleep.
But the post office starts at 7 p.m.,
There are also ropes available for tugging,
everyone jumped on this.
Due to the storm, the pavilion had to be dismantled at short notice.
A dog house is new addition, which was initially viewed rather skeptically.
So far only the girls Branka, Baren and Basina have dared to venture in,
the boys will certainly follow,
if only an interesting toy attracts them.

July 14th
The first excursion took place.
We went to the field with four human parents, two boxes and a Benga.
After everyone was “unpacked”, we lured them with a Benga.
So quickly could carry small feet
they ran after their mom.
The “sand dune” was climbed and the meadow underground was smelled.
It smelled differently than in the garden.
Tiny voyages of discovery were undertaken,
then but kept an eye out for either mom or known people.
After 15 minutes the rascals were so full to the brim with new impressions that we and Benga could quickly retreat.
After that they were heard and seen for over 2 hours no more.

July 15th
The second “leash round” starts.
It is not pleasant for them yet.
But with mom in tow it is no problem.
The favorite toy has been found – the ball pit – < br> The little ones defend the ball pit against one another so vigorously,
that it is only used for a short time,
because the “noise level” is very high even for the “initiated”.
After that we can of course at least Collect 1/3 of the balls again.