first week May – June 2010

28th / 29th May

The first two days, Benga barely leaves the whelping room.
She’s there for the smallest quicker.
When a puppy is too far from the source of drinking,
she fetches the little one and pushes it to her teats .

Sunday 30th May

She has a trick when suckling
She builds a wall out of sheets and separates about half, half.
Then one half is suckled,
when they are taken care of, she climbs over the “wall”
and now takes care of the other half.

Tuesday 1st June

The little ones are gaining weight regularly
On Monday, Nono Marro is ahead with 78 grams,
Tuesday it was Nona Porprat with 74 grams.
They are now bracing their legs
quickly to the food source come.
At the moment, Benga milk production is perfectly fine.

Thursday 3rd June

Now the little ones are unmistakable,
when they are hungry.
Within two days, everyone has gained between 80 and 120 g.
The length of the claws is now checked daily.
Benga often comes up at night and
takes a breather.

Thursday 3rd June

The photographer was here.
The result is impressive.

Thursday 3rd June

Baleno Bangos


Biego Bomo


Bungee Banu


Baren Basina


Belana Branka


eine Reihe Welpen Benga fürsorgliche Mutter

Thursday 3rd June

The first week is over; the puppies are doing well.
No one has doubled their birth weight so far,
But Nono Carbessa is about to do so.