fifth week
25th June – 01st July 2010

25th June
Time is racing; the rascals are now 4 weeks old.
Half of them is already over and the little ones are slowly developing their personalities.
At night hardly a puppy sleeps in the box,
places under the desk are in great demand. Pictures of the fifth week

Bomo Bangos
Baleno Biego
Bungee Branka
Belana Banu
Baika Basina

26th June
The attempt to puree the porridge a little coarser failed.
They just didn’t want to chew.
During the day we have been outside for several hours
exploring everything to do with the Vet-Bed.


27th June
 the weekends are already very turbulent.
Those who are interested in puppies and acquaintances want to see the little ones
and enjoy the pack when they are awake;
or are eagerly waiting for them to finally wake up.

28th June
 The plush toys on offer now attract a lot of attention.
Some see them as prey and react accordingly.
The waking times extended to about 1/2 at a time,
then they fall back into deep sleep;
However, everyone is now looking for a “comfortable place to sleep”
be it under the table, behind the cushions or laundry baskets.


29th June
The adventure playground is slowly becoming interesting.
There is even a fight for the fluttering tapes.
The ball pit is not comfortable for them yet,
but the palette is pure play paradise,
whether to crawl under it, crawl over it or < br> just hold on to someone.
At this station there is also a 1/4 hour “played”

30th June
the piss brooks are now being done more and more outside,
if it doesn’t always work out.
The big business is done in the garden during the day.
When “Babies here” are called, everyone comes running up to speed.
It looks too cute when the little legs are not as fast as expected.
The first have made it through the tunnel, Basina in particular.
Baren was not comfortable with the tunnel and she made a U-turn.


1st July
The fourth attempt to offer dry food not pureed was successful.
The little ones now finally want to chew too.
The heat naturally bothered them too,
cool places are sought: tiles in the living room,
bits and pieces Earth next to the terrace, late at night just the cool grass ..
Baren is looking for the game with mom
and Benga enthusiastically joins in.
Not only “dog toys” are selected for entertainment,
but every box, broom, bottle are welcome distractions.