eight Week
17.07. – 23.07.2010

18. July


Bomo Bungee


Baleno Biego


Bangos Banu


Belana Baika


Basina Branka


18. July

The rascals are now 7 weeks old.
The time is racing and in a week or so the first will leave the nest.
After the “Bulls heat” we had 2 beautiful sunny days,
which were used extensively in the garden.
The sandbox is currently the favorite toy,
because the ball pool is only always available for a short time because of “playing volume”.
The first are trams,
Baren and Bomo obviously had fun
they even practiced getting in and out more.
Bungee and Basina, on the other hand, were more than skeptical
Bungee could at least be moved to get off
Basina then chose the arm.

19. July

Monday was car driver’s day,
Most have enjoyed the ride and held in their arms
were little interested in the outside world.
Puppy prospective customers rounded off the day.
Sand had to be refilled in the sandbox,
because the sand is thrown out properly with the legs.
Meanwhile, the little ones are true climbers,
and climb over the 50 cm high puppy box into the living room.

21. July

Since vaccination is announced tomorrow,
Wednesday was the last worm cure.
Most puppies have a weight around the 4500 grams.
Baren and Belana are the lightest with around 4000 grams.
Branka and Baleno the heaviest with almost 5000 grams.

22. July

the vet came to us and
checked all puppies, vaccinated and chipped
– a healthy litter without complaints.
Of course, vaccination and chipping did not go without a sigh
but finally there were pats and treats.

23. July

Slowly melancholy comes, on Sunday the first leave the house;
the new dog families can still expect it and buy
some are counting the hours.
In our “puppy parents” the feelings are the other way around,
but we know that they are in good hands;
have a great dog life in front of us and were well prepared by us.