sixth Week
02.07. – 08.07.2010


The sixth week begins with a heat wave, which also affects the little ones

Bomo Baika


Belana Branka


Biego Bangos


Bungee Banu


Basina Baleno


2nd July

One does not believe how fast 5 weeks pass.
Slowly, the character traits come to light.
We do not have a ruffian,
Measuring powers and ranking games are commonplace
If it gets too wild, Benga intervenes.
Even the colors of the little ones change:
If Baren was completely black at birth, she will be bright at the sides
and only the back line is black.
Branka darkens; another proof that the puppy Gossi is a lucky bag.
Four of the rackers had their first lesson with the leash.
You were unfamiliar, but all ran at least a few meters.

3rd July

The heat also bothers us.
We sleep more and wake up after 8pm,
then the weather is bearable.
Today we had a visit from the Zonser Märchenwald,
we did not know the children yet, but our mom did.
She wanted to catch balls and ropes, despite the heat,
which we did not understand.
We preferred to be in the arms of Sabine, Dominique and Alicia.
In the afternoon we had a visit from the Netherlands,
Since we had a great cuddle round.


4th July

We had a visit from our dad
with master and mistress of our dad,
they watched us and discussed Angela and Irish with us.
The two also found words of praise for our social behavior,
our character and our colors
just a successful litter
This visit will be shown in the picture gallery
and can be looked at here.

The puppies get a visit from the “family” of their dad



5th July

The next of us went for a walk.
Ich- Banu – did not like it
but good persuasion and much praise changed my mind.
Finally, I even liked it.
The “leashes” were kept very short,
maybe three minutes.
From the weight we caught up.
Our smallest sister is Baren with about 2600 grams,
our heaviest is Brank with 3000 grams.
For us brothers bungee with 3100 grams in the lead and
Biego and Bangos share the last place with 2800 grams.


6th July

The puppies are now walking in the entire lower area.
but that also means constant supervision.
In the puppy room, they feel just as well.
Now also the back part of the garden of the “Jungle” is inquired
we first had to make sure it was really “tight”
and not a loophole in “neighboring garden” is possible.
A loophole to our shed had to be closed.
The little ones are becoming more and more independent and also more courageous.
New equipment is explored.

7th / 8th July

The ball bath is discovered; there are already real territorial fights.
Because of the heat, there is also a small wading pool with water,
but the water on your paws is suspect to you.
The pier is nothing unusual for everyone
as if it were the most natural of the world, the grating is crossed.
In front of the sandbox, they still have respect
Basina tried him out together with bungee first.
The “Sandnasen” they did not find pleasant.
Thursday afternoon was full house,
Many friends wanted to get to know the puppies closer.
The big shops are now daytime done exclusively in the garden,
with the little ones works out 75%, if the human parents take care and
After each change of action, first call everyone in the garden.