fourth Woche
18.06. – 24.06.2010

18th June

Now the puppies are three weeks old.
The ears are now on everybody’s lips.
The first teeth are visible in the lower jaw.
The hygiene measures will be relaxed.
Now the little ones are already awake for an hour
and turn the puppy room upside down.

Bomo Bangos
Baleno Biego
Bungee Branka
Belana Banu
Baika Basina


19th June

The next puppy interested people visited us.
Basina has found a good hiding place.
she is the only one who is looking for a cozy corner.


21th June

Meanwhile, several teeth are seen in the upper and lower jaw,
they are very sharp, we come into contact with it.
pinch it doll.
The terrain is being explored more and more,
Bomo and Belana ventured into the living room.
There they wailed miserably because they did not find the way back.
Help came through us, then the world was alright again.

22th June

The “adventure playground” is set up.
yet they show no interest, but this comes very fast.
Banu first dared to go outside alone.
Bomo mixes powerfully and even Belana leaves nothing to burn.


23th June

The development is enormous;
Hardly anyone dared to go out yesterday, and now almost everyone voluntarily walks outside.
It explores the surrounding area of ​​the Vet-Bed.
Bomo is also already 4 meters away and goes on a journey of discovery ..

24th June

The little ones choose their sleeping places.
Either under the frame in the puppy box ,.
and or on the sheets under a desk,
or between the cushions, buried very deep.
Some just look for the proximity of humans
and then lie between our feet.