second week
04th June – 11th June 2010

04th June

Nano Carbessa has managed to double his birth weight.
Benga is now sometimes 1 to 1 1/2 hours not in the box.
Then she lies relaxed next to the box and
takes a beanie to sleep.

06th June

All but Nina Blanka have now managed to double their birth weight.
Now we wait for who opens his eyes first.
A few are already pretty awake
and try to crawl out of the laundry basket.
Often a family member now takes a puppy out of the box and
he gets used to the smell of humans.
They stay relaxed and fall asleep quickly.


08th June

The breeding warden Ms Eckhard was there and
has checked the litter.
The puppies are developed according to age and
also Benga was certified a good constitution.

08th June

On June 7, Nina Blanka also managed to get over 720 grams.
The strongest is now even over 900 grams
and is already on the tripling of the weight
When cleaning the litter box must the puppy.
now be packed in 2 laundry baskets.
The first steps are taken by Nina Roig and Nino Marro.

10th June

We say goodbye to the third week soon
Still look like moles,
but no comparison to the first week.

Baleno Bangos


Biego Bomo


Bungee Banu


Baren Basina


Belana Branka


10th June

In the evening there was the first “meat meal”.
At first we did not all want to, but then came to the taste.
we could not get enough.
In the picture gallery the “Tatar battle” is documented.