Many thanks to those who came
and made for a nice afternoon in spite of the weather gods.
The picture yield of Dennis is enormous,
part of it can also be seen in the picture gallery it was nice to see how the puppies have developed in the last two months.
Have fun looking and see you again.


6 out of 10 puppies are there

First of all, a greeting and free play were the order of the day.
Tiesto and Bangos are difficult to distinguish at first glance,
the picture gallery also shows.

The next gallery shows the free game of our rascals.

The pups’ dad came to the square too.
Amigo was only known to everyone from the photo,
so it could now be viewed in “Natura”.
Part of the afternoon was devoted to information about grooming, grooming in general and education.
Everyone got a turn here

Later we got nice photos from the puppy meeting,
which will be submitted here later.

Finally, we wanted to take a photo.
It wasn’t that easy, but the result is impressive.Zum Abschluss wollten wir noch ein Foto machen.
Dies war nicht so einfach, trotzdem kann sich das Ergebnis sehen lassen.