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Our beloved dog Benga



Multi Ch Bea de las Landas del Sur

International Champion,
German Champion & German Vet. Champion(VDH)
Netherland Champion, Belgium Champion
Hungarian Champion, Croatischer Champion,
Danish Champion, Austria Champion
Luxembourg Champion

ZB nr:

VDH 05/0770403
Dschowo’s Rico
Turca de Campdura
Angela Schüssler
Angela Schüssler
51 cm
20 KG


April 2014

Benga fell asleep in our arms
We are infinitely sad
she has enriched our lives for almost 9 years by her affection, her love
her intelligence and her zeal for work.
With her we lose a fantastic bitch
her children will live on in her.
She will remain in loving and eternal memory


a few impressions of her life, their hobies, the breeding can be seen here


Benga was a lively, bright bitch with the typical characteristics of a Gos d’aturas.
In the house she was balanced and always ready to play. She was good at dealing with herself,
took every challenge to the game and was in her element then.

In dealing with other dogs she was socialized and very sociable.
Friends and girlfriends were greeted with joyful leaps;
foreign dogs were initially observed on facial expressions and “doggy” signals
and asked for a game at an opponent’s O.K.. 


be activbe activ Benga's best girlfriedBenga’s best girlfriend


When family members were working, she was lying relaxed in the vicinity.


Benga's favourite sport Benga at Agility Benga's favourite sport Benga at Agility


Benga in her element at the hurdle jump

We always called Benga 300% power package
Her favorite pastime was agility and playing with her pack.
Friesbees catch and trickdog or dogdancing.


This image was triggered as she entered the tunnel
This image was triggered as she entered the tunnel
Our 'Feger'
Our ‘Feger’


Like all herding dogs she needs tasks.
This finds them in sport and in the game, where above all mental work and attention play a role.
Whether for food search games, retrieve certain toys or learn new tricks, Benga is always motivated.

Benga in the garden
Benga in the garden
Benga at ball game
Benga at ball game
fully attentive
fully attentive
Benga and her rope
Benga and her rope


With 1 3/4 years she successfully passed the companion dog exam
and subordination training / obedience units continued to be part of everyday life


Streaker BengaStreaker Benga Benga full of zest for lifeBenga full of zest for life


Even with four years old, catching Frisbee and retrieving rope are still among her favorite pastimes.


Benga with SpeedBenga with Speed Benga at the dog placeBenga at the dog place


Speed ​​had our lady tremendous. But she could also listen calmly and attentively / see what her pack was doing.


Benga and her puppiesBenga and her puppies Benga and her toyBenga and her toy


With almost three years (summer 2008) she got her first litter with 7 puppies
two years (summer 2010) later her second litter with 10 puppies.
She had mastered her role as a mother
and was looking forward to her “normal everyday life”


Benga Austrian ChampionBenga Austrian Champion Benga at exhibitionBenga at exhibition


Even at the age of seven Benga successfully participated in exhibitions at home and abroad.