24th April 2022 – Baptism –

Now it’s time to stop calling our puppies by the Catalan color names.
They now get their names according to the pedigree and if already available / desired also the reputation name.
This time we’re going alphabetically.

Daja with 6 weeks

Dona Rosa will now be called Daja – Cartney,
the initials of Dali and Jade
Andy and Heike are Beatle fans, so the nickname Cartney after Ringo and Johnny is obvious;
Daja will be with us a lot; she will have two homes.

Dali with 6 weeks

Don Blau clar will be called Dali.
We wanted to use the father’s name for one of our puppies.
Dali hasn’t found a family yet and is still looking for a nice home.

Danuta with 6 weeks

Dona Taronja will be called Danuta.
Our children were also allowed to contribute a name,
It is a nice coincidence that Danuta is also a Polish first name.
She will live in Poland with a large pack of Anna and
maybe continue their breeding and continue our line.
We wish Anna every success

Denver with 6 weeks

Don Verd Fosc will be called Denver.
This name was also contributed by our children,
Denver hasn’t found a family yet and is looking for a loving home.

Dexter with 6 weeks

Don Gris will be called Dexter.
This name was requested by me
Dexter has come a long way.
He will become a mate of a Gos d’aturas in Denmark and
I wish you both a great time.

Diego with 6 weeks

Don Vermell will be called Diego Pepe.
This name was requested by me
Diego will live near Chemnitz.
He will have a livestock guardian Stella as a mate.

Dino with 6 weeks

Don Groc will be called Dino-Loui.
The name Dino was chosen by our grandchildren,
Dino will stay in Dortmund just like Daja.

Dirka with 6 weeks

Dona Violetta will be called Dirka-Destiny.
Dirka is a combination of our family’s first names.
She too will have a Gos lady as a sidekick and
the two will certainly get along very well.

Draik with 6 weeks

Don Verd clar will be called Draik.
Draik is a combination of our family’s first names.
He bears a great resemblance to our Baika as a puppy and
is therefore preferred by our daughter as a favourite.