Spring / Summer 2019

If we are looking for a stud dog, we always visit possible candidates before,
to get a picture of how the male is in his natural environment.
Also, we can calmly observe his character, his building;
have time for personal discussions and much more.
So we were in southern Germany, in Westfalen and finally in northern Germany – in Meinersen.
We know Patricia and Rainer a long time, her Amigo is the father of our second litter.
But this time our focus was Jordi with breeders name Ignacio Jordi von den Hexen,
who completes the Heiderudel for over 2 years.
The two sniffed each other and romped nicely.
The picture gallery below shows that ( the comments are in German; but I think that doesn’t matter).

Jordi ist ein angenehmer, ruhiger, sehr sozialisierter Rüde mit einem tollen Charakter,
der mir auf Anhieb sehr gut gefallen hat. Jordi is a pleasant, calm, very socialized male with a great personality,
I really liked it right away.

His building, his gait and his coat also appealed to me.
A great male with a great building and a nice addition to Jade




Many thanks to Patricia and Rainer for the nice afternoon. We’ll meet again for sure.


Now we are just waiting for the heat. But Jade is good for every surprise.


Coming soon hopefully more …….