Jade a Dream of Bear’d pregnancy calendar

Source of the following calendar is welpen.de

Father: Dali de Vora els tres Castells
Mother: Jade a Dream of Bear’d
Breeder: Angela Schüssler

Before mating I do a number of tests to make sure
that Jade and of course her partner can celebrate their wedding without any danger.
This includes a physical and gynecological examination for health, vaginal swab, examination for sterility of the vagina and a blood test.
In order to be able to determine the optimal mating day, at least 2 progesterone tests are also carried out.

Sa, 08.01.2022

First day of coverage. Sperm travels outside the lining of the uterus. To increase the chances of fertilization, mating should be repeated within 48 hours of the first mating.

Su, 09.01.2022

Sperm travels to the fallopian tubes. Sperm remain fertile for a while in the female genital organs. A male’s sperm can survive in the uterus for six to ten days. If she is mated five days after her ovulation, the birth can follow in 57 days. If she is mated five days before her ovulation, that’s about 68 days.

Su, 09.01.2022
Mo, 10.01.2022

Sperm reaches the fallopian tubes, which contain mature egg cells.

Mo, 10.01.2022
Tu, 11.01.2022

Fertilization of the egg cells (in the fallopian tubes).

Tu, 11.01.2022
Th, 13.01.2022

The fertilized eggs migrate to the cervix.
Jade needs a lot of cuddling and is more often in the vicinity of mistresses or masters.

2nd week

Care and housing of the bitch as in week 1.

Sa, 15.01.2022
We, 19.01.2022

The egg cells develop into blastocytes.

We, 19.01.2022
Fr, 21.01.2022

The embryos reach the uterus.
Chest circumference: 63 cm
Waist circumference: 51 cm
Weight: 22.8KG

3rd week

The bitch may be experiencing morning sickness due to hormonal changes or uterine tension. Feed small meals several times a day to help with morning sickness. If morning sickness persists, the vet may prescribe a remedy to calm the uterus. Some bitches eat nothing at all or at least very little for a few days from the 20th day. As a rule, their eating behavior levels off again afterwards. Many bitches are particularly clingy now.

Sa, 22.01.2022
Sa, 29.01.2022

On the 19th day, the germinal sacs (so-called blastocytes) settle in the uterine wall. These form embryonic sacs. From the 21st day, many bitches secrete viscous, clear mucus. This is the clearest sign that the mating has worked.

Sa, 22.01.2022

Jade has a particularly healthy appetite. She looks for extra treats in different places. Sometimes she also finds what she is looking for when mistress has forgotten to leave her dog basket on the floor from training and there were still two bowls of treats left. They were of course completely plastered.
Bon appetit dear Jade, from now on the dog basket will no longer be placed on the floor.

Sa, 22.01.2022
Fr, 28.01.2022

Jade is very cuddly at the moment. She usually sleeps near her master or mistress and at the moment she often wants to go outside for short walks. Especially just before the meal, as if she still wants to check on the situation outside, but definitely wants to be back in time for dinner. At the moment she is a little princess.
Chest circumference: 63 cm
Waist circumference: 53 cm
Weight: 23.0KG

4th week

We expect puppies

On the 22nd day, the embryos are visible. The heartbeat can be used to diagnose pregnancy. Strenuous activities should now be avoided. The protein intake in the feed can be increased. The gift of puppy food is very suitable for this. At this point, the state of pregnancy can be determined with an ultrasound scan.

Sa, 29.01.2022
Fr, 04.02.2022

The eyes and the nerve cords in the spinal cord are formed. Organ formation begins. In the current state, the embryos are at very high risk of defects. Teat development begins.

Sa, 29.01.2022

Jade starts bitching a little over the food; you don’t know that about her.

We, 02.02.2022
Su, 06.02.2022

This is the best time to diagnose pregnancy by heartbeat. The embryos are about the size of a walnut and are evenly distributed in the uterus.

Th, 03.02.2022

We have an ultrasound appointment. Now it’s official
Jade Ultraschallbild
Chest circumference: 63 cm
Waist circumference: 54,5 cm
Weight: 22,9 KG

5th week

The bitch stops tightening her legs, because the weight increases and the puppies turn. The swelling of the female pubic becomes more noticeable. Please pay attention to the bitch’s weight and do not overfeed. The heartbeat is no longer useful as a diagnostic method due to the rising fluid in the uterus.

Sa, 05.02.2022

Toes, whiskers and claws begin to develop.

We, 9.02.2022

Our dear lady is enjoying her “princess existence”. She seeks our closeness, needs to be cuddled and is hugged by all family members. If the walks were very short last week – just to go outside to loosen up and then straight back home – she is now interested in a longer walk again.

Th, 10.02.2022

Your teats swell significantly; their undercoat becomes much larger; so now she enjoys the almost daily brushing.

Fr, 11.02.2022

The formation of the organs is complete. The fetuses now look like dogs. Head and trunk are distinguishable. The gender can be determined. The coat color begins to develop. The heartbeat of the fetus can be heard with a stethoscope. The bitch’s teats darken and swell.
Chest circumference: 66 cm
Waist circumference: 59 cm
Weight: KG

6th week
Sa, 12.02.2022
Fr, 18.02.2022

Familiarize the bitch with the puppy box. Let her sleep there. Increase the number of meals and keep an eye on their weight.

Sat, 12.02.2022

The last week of the second trimester of pregnancy begins now. Her pregnancy is now obvious. She has become noticeably rounder around the waist.
Chest circumference: 71 cm
Waist circumference: 65 cm
Weight: KG

7th week
Sat, 19.02.2022
Fry, 25.02.2022

The last trimester of pregnancy

The bitch should no longer play rough games or jump with other dogs. X-rays can be used to determine the number and size of the puppies. The bitch should only be x-rayed if pregnancy problems arise or if at this point you are still unsure if she will actually have puppies. (e.g. suspected monofertility), the X-ray represents an unnecessary burden. From the 7th week, take the bitch’s rectal temperature once a day and note these values.

Sat, 19.02.2022

The last blustery days didn’t help Jade enjoy going for walks. She now walks a little slower and now has more of the pace of mum when going for a walk.
two pictures of our now visibly pregnant lady
Jade 7th week
Jade test beds
The floor is covered with vinyl carpet, the puppy box is set up and Jade is already looking forward to trying it out;
her favorite toy at the moment – a ball – must not be missing.

Mon, 21.02.2022

The bones improve. The puppies can now easily be felt under the abdominal wall, but are still difficult to count. The hair on the bitch’s belly is falling out.

Sat, 26.02.2022

Feed several smaller meals a day as the tummy is tight. The movement of the puppies in the womb is easily recognizable by gently placing the palm of your hand on the bitch’s stomach. She has to be completely relaxed to do this.
Jade now gets her food divided into three meals and quickly noticed that there is more food now. She doesn’t say no to that.
First trial ascent in the still empty puppy run. But she thought everything was fine.
Jade in the puppy run

The video is only about a very short sequence, but her tummy is clear. We’ll try to create a better and longer one.

We feel taken back to the days when our children were little babies and many a night had many interruptions.
Jade thinks he has to go out a lot at night at the moment.
At first she was satisfied with the garden; now she would like to go to the park for a short time so that she doesn’t have to do her business in the garden.
Chest circumference: 83,0 cm
Waist circumference: 78,5 cm

9th Week

the countdown is now starting

Fry, 04.03.2022
Fry, 11.03.2022

The bitch may lose her appetite when the time of delivery approaches.

Tue, 08.03.2022
Fry, 11.03.2022
Fry, 04.03.2022

Jade has decided that long walks are no longer an option.
Our morning walk of about 3/4 hour is therefore cancelled.
But our “fat” still has to move, so it only goes out 2 minutes in the morning. Jumping into the car became too difficult for her, so that a ramp (- which she almost categorically rejected before –) is now a welcome boarding aid.
She almost made a decision this afternoon. She had suddenly disappeared into the guest room on the second floor. I heard them crowding downstairs. A walk upstairs, under the four-poster bed (lower free height approx. 40 cm), she lay completely relaxed, sniffed everything and probably thought this would be a suitable place, mistress, wasn’t it???
Only the ringing of the doorbell could persuade her to come out again. – Let’s see what else she discovers as a possible nesting place.
I’ll probably spend the next few nights on the coach, firstly so that Jade doesn’t have to walk up and down the stairs so often and secondly so that only one of her nocturnal “walks” or “I have to go” will wake me up.
In the meantime it’s rumbling in her stomach, you can feel the movements – a nice feeling – .

Sat, 05.03.2022

Jade loves the cool at the moment
– in the belly the babies seem to radiate heat -.
Jade gives her yes to the puppy pen

Mon, 07.03.2022

Our little “fat” has gained a little more than 1 kilo, but this is normal in the last 10 days of pregnancy. The babies in her belly probably cause a lot of heat. So Jade is either right in front of the front door – where a cold draft comes from below – or she lies on the terrace for a moment to cool off and comes back in after a short time.
She herself is doing well, her gait is more like that of a waddling duck, but this is due to her condition.
a little video:
Jade inspects the outside of the puppy enclosure.
Her belly is now so big that she
can’t even turn around at the narrow point.
But everything seems to be fine with her.

Chest circumference: 86,0 cm
Waist circumference: 78,5 cm

The bitch becomes restless and begins exhibiting ‘nest building’ behavior.

Wed, 09.03.2022

Now measure the bitch’s temperature in the morning and evening. The normal temperature varies between 37.5 and 39.4 degrees Celsius, depending on the dog’s breed and age. Precisely because of the large range of fluctuation, it is important to know the normal body temperature (measurements in the 7th week). If the temperature drops about 1.5 to 2 degrees Celsius, the puppies will be born within the next 6-24 hours.
Jade’s temperature has dropped 1.2 degrees; i.e. now the babies will come soon. The night is an alternation between walking into the box, into the basket, into the whelping box, onto our sofa. Jade pants a lot and seeks my closeness very intensely. During the day she is calmer and more relaxed again, there are still labor pains or the like in sight, and no “nest building” is done during the day either

Thu, 10.03.2022

The dog may appear unhappy, restless, pacing, and obviously uncomfortable. It may be that white vaginal fluid is secreted.
The night was short or non-existent for everyone. Jade’s actions are similar to Wednesday’s, except that nest building is now added.
The amniotic sac bursts at 4.40 in the morning, now it’s move by move.
At 5.35 the first puppy comes, at 11.30 puppy number 8 is born.
It should only be 7, so we make an appointment with the vet for a control and a first check of the puppies.
At 1:15 p.m. we have a more or less big surprise effect, because the X-ray still shows two puppies.
So it goes back home with the help of a syringe to intensify contractions. At 2.00 p.m. and 2.25 p.m. both puppies were born healthy. The D-litter El Fuego is now complete.
From now on everything under D-litter

Fry, 11.03.2022

The predicted date of birth. Many bitches whelp between the 58th and 63rd day. Some also take up to the 66th day. Watch your dog very closely, especially if she is late. Foul-smelling, dark discharge is a warning sign to seek immediate veterinary care. A veterinarian must be consulted by the 66th day at the latest. There could be birth problems such as oversized or dead puppies. Then only quick action can save the lives of mother and puppies.

The bitch gives you a lot more time to take care of your own body. The teats continue to swell. The bitch becomes restless and looks for a suitable place to throw. Make sure she finds the space to throw as comfortable as possible. Depending on the breed, small towels or washcloths can be placed on the base of the whelping box to give the bitch material for her “nest building”.

Sun, 13.03.2022

Clean abdomen and pubic area with warm water. Trim the hair around the teats for easier access for the puppies.