Jade and Dali met a long time ago.
Violetta and I wanted to see how the two get along.
Therefore I have a small selection of pictures here,
which bear a striking resemblance to the wedding pictures.
Two dogs who understand and harmonize 100%.
There are also a few pictures from Dali’s homeland.
They reflect his character and are just beautiful to look at.

We met here halfway between Dortmund and Preetz,
at a small pond in summer.
Both dogs are raging and can hardly leave each other.
first date of Dali and Jadefirst date of Dali and Jade
Images of common understanding
both on a common search for smellsboth on a common search for smells

Now a few photos from Dali’s homeland,
Pictures that reflect him, his character, his cuddliness,
his calm and a little bit his mischievousness,
that stick in your memory.
Let the pictures work their magic on you.