29. December 2019

now they are four weeks old and are slowly becoming little personalities.
They have nothing of the “moles” of the first two weeks.
Everyone is looking for human contact and is completely relaxed in the arms .


Now the idea of ​​our little ones, as they will also appear in the pedigree.


Calimero is a bright, active male who likes to play with his sister Colina. Calimero is still looking for his family



Chewbacca our second bright male is an active, very enterprising little guy who already knows what he wants. He likes to animate people to play, is completely waiting for new things and leaves the first exploration to his sisters. Chewbacca comes to a nice lady near the Lüneburg Heath.



Chiwano is one of the two bright males and is currently “fighting” with his equally bright brother Chewbacca. He is the calmer of the two. Currently avoiding conflicts and is currently our “late riser” Chiwano goes to a family in Belgium



Costello is an active male, but he doesn’t come first when there is something new, so he likes to send his siblings in front. He likes to play, and when he sees something new, he waits, but after a while becomes interested in it and looks at it. Costello goes near Mainz.



Chanta (soon to be Caja) is a balanced bitch with a certain charm, so you have to be careful not to wrap her pack around your finger. She is open to new things, likes to play and is sure to become a confident personality. She comes to a family near Hameln



Charal is our second little “cheeky badger”; alert and lively, curious and open to new things. I could well imagine Charal as a sports dog; it has the “certain” drive. Charal is still looking for her family



Ciwana has been our lightweight for a while, but has really grown over the past week. She is a calm little person, cuddly and at the moment the only one who is always completely empty of her bowl, which you can also see from the finally increasing weight. Chiwana stays with a family in Dortmund who also has Go’s experience.



Colina is our little female “cheeky badger” together with Charal. Enterprising and a little fond of Calimero. The two form the “duo” here Colina will be called Luna. Colina comes to a couple near Mölln



Cuni is a balanced bitch who likes to play and often initiates a game. She is curious and enterprising Cuni will be called Frida and has already found her family near Düsseldorf.

We hope you are just as excited,
how the gang will develop next week,
Learns and tries out new things
and maybe enjoy the “outside air” for more than 10 minutes.