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Images and developments are documented here.


Febuary 2019

Andor – Carlos went over the rainbow bridge. Farewell to Carlos


Summer 2018

Carlos also has a current picture.

Andor at summer 2019

Summer 2017

Andor at summer 2017

Carlos passion “sailing”


Andor at summer 2017

Carlos now with a gray beard


Andor at summer 2017

a garden photo – could almost be Baika (only not in size)


Summer 2016

Carlos spends a lot of time on the water.
He is now almost as black as Baika.
Grandmother Jule has unmistakably inherited her genes here
He doesn’t seem to have noticed much of his father.

Grandmother Turca de Campura - Jule 

Grandmother Jule

Mother Bea 

Mother Bea


Andor a great male Andor in his beloved garden

Andor is now a handsome male

Andor in his garden 
Andor now completely gray

Andor-Carlos in his garden in summer 2010


Andor 1 year sailing

Andor with a year


Andor with eight months Andor with eight months

Andor at 8 months – now a great male


Andor with great pigmentation Andor carefully

We visited Andor in November 2008

Andor with 11 weeks

Andor now called Carlos at the age of 11 weeks

Andors new family

Andor comes to a family in Denmark

Andor before delivery

Andor before delivery


Andor at birth Andor with eight weeks

Andor at birth and with 8 weeks