This is Chiwano’s page
Pictures and developments are documented here

Chiwano lives with Lisa, Chris, Ella and Oscar in Brüssel.
His nickname will be Darwin.
Pictures and other experiences in his life can be found here.


March 2020


Lisa, Chris, Ella and Oscar are his new family.
They are living in Brüssel, Belgium
Chiwano new family

New pictures of Chiwano-Darwin
Chiwano on a walkChiwano with 16 weeks

Chiwano a wonderful head

February 2020


Chiwano with eleven weeks

Chiwano with 11 weeks

Chiwano with nine weeks

Chiwano with 6 weeksChiwano with 7 weeks

Chiwano with six and seven weeks

Chiwano with 3 weeksChiwano with 4 weeks

Chiwano with one and with four weeks


Chiwano’s time at El Fuego del Viento Kennel

Chiwano with 2 weeksChiwano with 8 weeks

Chiwano with two and eight weeks