We introduce our puppies in the order of birth.


Miss Yellow was the first
who saw the light of the world.
She weighed 310 g and has gained over 100 in the first two days.
She is always one of the first on the teats
She prefers to be in a group with the others
Miss Gelb

Mr. Green was number 2.
He also looked stronger than Miss Yellow and brought 390 g on the scales.
He was able to increase his weight by 60 g.
He also finds his teats unerringly and does not like to be alone.
Its color will later resemble that of Jade.
Mister Grün

Number 3 was again a bitch – Miss Red,
who cried immediately after birth and was active.
She weighed 350 g and was able to increase her weight by 70 g in two days.
She does not like to be alone either.
Miss Rot

the first five puppies took turns in the gender election,
So Number 4 – Mr. Blue is a male –
Mr. Blue weighed as much as his brother,
could increase his weight but already by 100 g.
His place is always with the teats.
In terms of color, he is a little darker than his brother,
but that will surely change later.
Mister Blau

the fifth was a girl again – Miss Lila
She weighs as much as her first sister
and has so far gained the most from her sisters – proud 420 g –
She also likes to be alone and likes to hike.
Miss Lila was probably Jade’s favorite.
She was given intensive care at birth.
Miss Lila

Number 6 – Miss Pink
One should not believe it, but a girl was the heaviest in the throw with 400g.
But she has also not increased so much – 50g –
Miss Pink likes to associate with Miss Weiss.
The two make a nice duet.
At the moment it is still very dark, but we estimate
there will be a bright to dark barquillo prevail
Miss Pink

Number 7 – Mr. Gray
Mr. Gray is the lightweight among the males
with just 300g birth weight.
He has also least increased, but everything in the normal range.
Miss Pink, Miss Weiss and he often meet
comfortably cuddled under jade ..
The two make a nice duet.
Mister Grau

the last of 5 girls – Miss Weiss
She is the lightweight among the females with just 280 g
but could gain more than 60 g in the past 2 days.
Miss Weiss immediately squeaked after giving birth
and also filed her first “shitter”.
Miss Weiss

the last male – Mr. Orange
Three males have the same birth weight of 390 g
and Mr. Orange was the first to reach the 500g mark on the second day.
He probably can best regulate his temperature in the best
and thus often alone, because he is probably hot.
The Lord will later have a nice barquillo.
Mister Orange

This concludes the first introductory round of our puppies
and hope you have a first impression.


The first week in pictures

Day 7

Now the little ones are already one week old.
Time flies like in flight. Jade and the little ones are fine.
exept for one or two hours Jade spends the night in the puppy box
which is covered with a large cloth,
to give the puppy security.
5 out of 9 puppies have doubled their birth weight within a week.
Miss Yellow and Red are missing only 10 g
and they will certainly grow tomorrow.
At the bottom of the doubles is Miss Rosa,
which is not surprising, since she was the heaviest in the litter.
Miss Weiss (our last light at birth weight) is still the lightest;
but has caught up significantly.
Even after 7 days you can already make “small” statements,
where the path of the little ones will go:
There is a very relaxed, nothing can ruffle,
cheerful and agile, curious, exploring,
Determined, who prevail, in terms of the first place in the teats,
careful, wait and see Mama first.
But still it is too early to be determined.
A short summary of the first week in pictures will hopefully be published on December 7th
Then it’s the second week.

Day 6

im Arm schlafenfriedlich und entspannt
jede Lage ist genehmauf dem Bauch schlafen

Jade now leaves the litter box more often.
She learns to differentiate very quickly,
whether it is a pitiful cry for help,
or just a “dissatisfied grumble”.
At the first she quickly disappeared in the box.
The “grumbling” can also be overlooked as a matter of course.
If this grunts for minutes, then take a look.
The habituation at hand makes good progress,
some continue to sleep soundly,
others are quiet, but first examine the unfamiliar underground more closely,
others are still very fidgety and do not find the thing so “great”.
Mr. Grau was the first to double his birth weight.
(but was also the smallest male with just 300 g).
The other males are still a bit behind.
But that’s not surprising since they weighed almost 400 g at birth.
The girls form a similar picture.
Miss Weiss is nearing doubling.
The two relatively close lightweights Miss Yellow and Purple,
still need a while and
our “heavyweight” Miss Rosa certainly also several days.
Everyone has time to double their weight until the 10th day,
that would be in the normal range.
Mum sleeps again in her own bed,
turns on the alarm once a night,
to see that the gang is fine.

Day 5

drinking and sleepingall are sleeping

You can not look so fast,
how the gang grows and thrives.
Yellow, green and pink have gained 70g each.
Taillight today were white and purple with 40 g each.
If you look at the character, you can already say
there will be a few quiet and a few lively fellows / companions,
although it is certainly too early,
to make more concrete statements.
Jade now often leaves the puppy box –
she lies relaxed in the pleasantly temperate hallway.
Also one or the other walk is now made on a leash in the park.
Jade and the puppies are still very relaxed,
you can almost speak of peace.
The little ones are getting used to the human hand,
Some people continue to sleep relaxed,
others crawl up and down,
to examine the smell and the other surface.
Of course it happened to us
that a brook just went off at that moment.

Day 4

ade is already quite isolated,
to let the puppies drink
which is very unusual or very early
(With 3-4 weeks it is the standard)
She also leaves her puppy box for several minutes,
but reacts immediately to persistent weighing.
Our puppies drink well, the average weight gain is 50 g.
The bottom is this time Mr. Green with only 20 g.

The search for the mom
How does a little dwarf look for the drinkable?
With squats and leg movements.


Jade already has routine and
can handle the individual Assess calls for help,
if it is necessary to come immediately or to look,
if master does not bring a special treat from work
– often a no longer needed sandwich from work –
that is still her highlight.

Often all are in two groups in the puppy box

Pulk 1Pulk2

Day 3

Jade leaves the puppy box for a few minutes.
Then cuddles get with mum,
a special treat or just a few minutes off,
but only take that long
until a “louder squeak” she runs back into the box.
The drinking units on the teats take a little longer now.
All puppies are sure to find the drinkable.
There’s a louder, more piercing whine
if a puppy does not fit
The weight gain is very different.
Miss Yellow has reached the top with 100 g,
the rest around 60 g,
and our Mr. Grau is at the bottom with 30g this time.

Day 2

Now everthing will run in the same way every morning.
Jade is being looked after,
the puppy room and the puppy box are brought back to fruition,
the puppies are looked after – examined -, weighed,
Keep ribbon apart and checked if necessary,
every puppy gets a little cuddle,
before it goes back to mom.

Jade is in front of the gang

Jade is attentivelya small bunch of puppies

Jade responds to the smallest beep and looks for what the reason is.
The whelping box is only left to release.
Hourly the litter box is covered with a cloth,
that both jade and puppy have a feeling of security.

Day 1

Day 1 with puppy starts in the early afternoon.
Jade does not leave her whelping box
and can only be made persuasive with the art of persuasion into the garden.
Most babies are sure to find their teats.
Some still show the direction, then you will find them alone.
The crowd for the best seats is not big yet,
since tiny drink units are enough.
In the evening everyone is well packed
and it goes to the vet to control for jade and first inspection of the puppy.
Mum spends the night in the puppy room, so she can be on the spot quickly in case of problems.
But everything is quiet, only quiet moans can be heard.
All puppies are alive and kicking.
Jade packed the birth very well,
also for the x-ray the o.k. given.
Mum spends the night in the puppy room, so she can be on the spot quickly in case of problems.
But everything is quiet, only quiet moans can be heard..