21th March 2020

our second tournament start in Marl Sickingmühle
a complete success for Baika with 100 points and second place;
Jade also had a very good success with 92 points in her first tournament after the baby break.
I am proud of my two girls

Four topics online from 2007-2008:
My wedding, soccer games, head studies and summer impressions 2007
in the theme gallery

annual gallery 2020 new Gallery pack in the field

Jades children in the topic gallery

Yeargalerie 2020 new Galerie with Jade,Ringo and Baika

the last weeks of the C-litter in the 2020 annual gallery and the first weeks of the C-litter in the 2019 annual gallery

News from.

We hope all puppies enjoy their new families.

News at Videos

Joy and sadness are sometimes very close together.
Biego from our B-litter went over the rainbow bridge.
We wish him a safe journey
and mourn for him with the owners Wolfgang and Sabine.
Farewell great man.

Our C-litter is born.
Jade has born a colorful puppy flock.
4 males and 5 females enjoy the best of health and
Jade looks after her puppies with great care and instinctively.

Jade's Litter


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Of course, we are pleased about visitors,
who are interested in a puppy from the wonderful mating of Jade and Jordi.
Puppy prospective customers are welcome to contact us and are welcome.

Information on how the two found each other
and everything else about the birth can be read:


breed C-litter


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