This is Cuni’s page
Pictures and developments are documented here

Cuni lives with Alexa, Wolfgang and Alena in Düsseldorf.
Her nickname will be Frida.
Pictures and other experiences in her life can be found here.



March 2020

Cuni running in her living room – a new video

Alena obviously enjoys little Frida

Alexa and FridaFrida in her box

Cuni works on her bone

She has a lot of work to do until the bone is eaten

February 2020

Cuni in a little video while walking
Cuni during a walk with new inquiries


Cuni with eleven weeks
Cuni help with the laundryCuni help with the laundry

Cuni moving into her new home

a first Video


Cuni on her mat

Cuni just arrivedCuni on her mat

Cunis new family

Alexa and Alena picked up her.
She will live in Düsseldorf

Cuni with nine weeks

Cuni with nine weeks


Cuni with 6 weeksCuni with seven weeks

Cuni with six and seven weeks

Cuni with one weekCuni with 4 weeks

Cuni with one and four weeks


Cunis time at El Fuego del Viento Kennel

Cuni with 2 weeksCuni with 8 weeks

Cuni with two and eight weeks